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This week is an eclectic mix. From socks that will knock your eyes out, to a pretty fab green coat. I also found embroidery done on knitted items and love the way it looks. Making another debut on the fashion runways are ruffles and not just at the cuffs and neck. Check it out here.

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Today I am doing something a little different. I am opening up my entire Sunday Images board so you can see what I’ve been hoarding. Each week I will add new pictures to this board and the new items will be at the top of the board.

This week has a sweater for all those who hate sewing in sleeve caps. While the garment has sleeves, the caps are missing. Why didn’t I ever think of that? On the fashion side a small glimpse of Dior 2016. Very small sweaters.

You can find all this fun here.

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I found myself humming a song from “The Wizard of Oz” (my all time favorite movie) as I collected images for this week. The song was sung by the Scarecrow, If I Only Had a Brain. However, I found myself substituting the word waist for brain. So these are the garments I would be interested in creating if I only had a waist. Click here to see them.

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Neuropathy problems are top of the menu today, thanks to my cancer medication. Hands, feet, legs all feeling the weirdness while I do my best to ignore it and push on.

I am steadily working on the sample knit for a designer. It’s the knit she couldn’t finish because of an allergic reaction to the yarn. US size 7 needles and moss stitch finally took it’s toll last night on my hands. The tendons in both are wonderfully hurting today in addition to the neuropathy symptoms. I think the tendonitis is from trying to match front piece’s row gauge to the back piece the designer knit. The garment has pleats. The two fronts need to match the back in length with the same number of rows to a) match the length of all pleats, and b) make the sewing of the pieces less of a horror show. In trying to get the row gauge to match I think I’m holding my needles too tight and hence the tendonitis. I am also not used to working with such large needles. I usually knit fingering weight yarn and use anywhere from a US size 1 to 3 needle. The US size 7 seems bulky to me.

I am also trying to make my moss stitch look like her moss stitch so it’s not obvious two different knitters worked on the garment. Yes, I’ve said it before, knitting is like a signature, it differs from one person to the next. Moss stitch is one of those stitch patterns that shows this difference. My moss stitch is tighter than hers. When I loosen it up, it becomes too loose. I’m in the Goldilocks dilemma of trying to create the “just right” tension. Hence, the tendonitis. I am manipulating the needles in a way that is not typical for me.

As I’ve said, I am doing all that I can to get the same row gauge so the sewing up part doesn’t become a nightmare. However, I have already had to change the number of rows where decreases occur because the piece would be too long if I went with decreases as written. So tonight’s excitement is taking the finished back, holding it alongside the left front and matching up each row to see how close I am.

In the meanwhile, the infernal computer is blinking red to alert me that something needs to be done about something. I thought I solved the issue last night, but obviously the computer doesn’t agree. At the moment, I can’t even study the photo software in peace with the red exclamation mark on the screen. The red exclamation mark jangles my nerves the same way a radioactive material sign would. I have come to terms with the fact that I may never truly feel comfortable with this computer.

On the nature front, Hank the Heron is here for the duration. Heron’s don’t migrate, unfortunately. I was standing by the pond the other hot and humid day and Hank landed a few feet away from me. He had the audacity to walk up to and step into the pond with me standing there. What can I do with such a brazen bird? We stare at each other. I told him when he eats every last frog and fish in the pond, don’t look to me to restock.

The deer are making out like bandits this season. Nearby apple farmers have bumper crops and we just have bags and bags full of free apples to feed to them. These are apples that would be rejected by stores as not being perfect. They may be a bit bruised or malformed but they are perfectly good to eat. It is amazing the amount of good food the food industry throws away.

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The very last thing I need is another knitting project. At the moment I have 3 major ones in progress and am finding it hard to find time for all.

The first one that must get done is a sample knit. The original designer and knitter was allergic to the yarn and I offered to complete the sample. So far I am not experiencing any allergies. The yarn has an oily feel which could come from the acrylic in the yarn plus the spinning oil used to keep the tweed flecks in place. I will be interested to see how the yarn changes when given a bath. This project has top priority.

The second project is Dad’s blanket. The backordered color wasn’t due in until October. Thus, I switched to another color and am working on it in my off hours. The problem with this is by the time I get to it I am so tired that counting to 30 just doesn’t seem to be something I am able to do. Hence I start the knitting by ripping back what I did the night before. The blanket, it seems, has to be put on standby until the sample knit is complete.

The third project, the most insane of the bunch, is a sweater for me knit with fingering yarn on size five needles. That’s 132 sts for the front and 132 sts for the back. The stitch pattern is finicky and uses a western knit stitch and an eastern purl stitch through out. I believe the technique is called combination knitting. This I have had to put aside to save my sanity.

I’d love to show some photos. Yes, I am still at odds with the photo software that came with this infernal computer. Though I am trying to work it out. Yesterday I learned how to delete pictures I want to keep and keep pictures I want to delete. Believe me, this is progress. I also learned that pictures are not saved to just one area, but three different locations in the computer, two of which I didn’t know existed and have yet to figure out how to access to remove the photos. Still, it’s progress.

In wildlife news, our newest addition is a fox that drives Yarn Rascal crazy, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Sleek and beautiful, the fox is buddies with a young buck. They pal around together eating the apples and pears from our trees. Our resident woodchuck doesn’t wait for the fruit to fall. He climbs the trees to eat it. I’ve never seen a woodchuck climb a tree, I fear he will fall and kill his fat little self. So I’ve taken to getting the apples and pears down for him and placing them at the bases of the trees. All our regular characters are still around. Hank the Heron is still stalking the pond. Percy the Osprey is still dropping fish heads on the lawn. Having the sample knit to complete keeps me indoors and out of trouble.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve had a few requests for the measurements and sizes for a knit sweater for a 4 year old. A few words about pattern sizes when it comes to children. If you think a baby grows fast, children grow equally as quick. Like babies, they are most likely to grow faster lengthwise than widthwise. Hence, the sweater that is suddenly to short in the arms and overall length. But children also broaden out more quickly than babies. All this growing seems to happen in spurts. So if I am making a sweater for a child I tend to err on the side of a 1/2 inch longer and wider on measurements rather than smaller if I want to get at least two years wear out of it.

That said, below is the schematic for a 4 year old requested by Claudine. The schematic is for a drop shoulder sweater, a shape that will still work at this age. Missing from the schematic is the front neck depth. A good neck depth is about 1.5″ (4) cm. We don’t want close fitting at the neck unless it is a turtleneck.

4 year old schematic

The numbers representing the width of the garment are for half the garment only. To get the total circumference multiply the number by two.

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This week’s knitting and crochet images board is here. Lots of color and ways to work with it in both crochet and knitting. I hope you find some inspiration to experiment with your own creations.

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