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Going Nuts

Yarn Rascal is way too interested in the supported spindle spinning process. He thinks if he holds the unspun wool with his two front paws while I am trying to spin this is helping me. I would wind the unspun wool around my wrist to get it away from him, but it’s 90 F / 32 C here with humidity and I don’t feel like having wool wrapped around any part of my body. So the spindle is put aside for now. I wasn’t happy with how the spinning was turning out anyway. I am doing something wrong in the drafting process because the resulting¬†mess “yarn” is way too thick and no matter what I try I can’t seem to make it thinner. How many videos can one human being watch on spinning before loosing one’s sanity? They all look the same and I think I am replicating their movements but what they create as opposed to what I create are two different products. Frustration.

On the zoo front, we have three wild turkeys living with us. One male and two females. The babies just hatched recently. We stay inside between 1pm and 3 pm because that is when the females like to take the babies on a long walk around the place. So cute. They drive Yarn Rascal round the bend, but what he really gets nuts over are the rabbits and their babies. He positively quivers when he sees them. If summer doesn’t end soon either Yarn Rascal will have a nervous breakdown over the rabbits or I will over the spinning. With all this going on The Skipper has resorted to his Man Cave, which is the basement. Smart man.


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Go, little brook, and wish to all
Flowers in the garden, meat in the hall,
A bin of wine, a spice of wit,
A house with lawns enclosing it,
A living river by the door,
A nightingale in the sycamore!

Robert Louis Stevenson Envoy

The two fronts of the baby sweater are done and I will block the back along with them today. I hope to start at least one sleeve today. I am reworking the numbers regarding length and width. The stitch count of the border pattern and eyelet pattern has to agree with the width requirements. To work it out I need a block of quiet time where all my attention can be given to finding the solution to the problem. The obstacle to this is the Yarn Rascal. He is feeling much better and is up to his old tricks along with some new ones he must have cogitated on while staying quiet during his recuperation. The cone is off his little head and the house and all its nooks and crannies is his oyster once again.

I am also getting close to needing the second skein of yarn for the sweater set. I bought two and hid the other one so the Yarn Rascal wouldn’t get it. The problem? I don’t remember where I hid it. But let me take one issue at a time today.

Outside we are in high summer. Everything is drying up and browning nicely, especially the grass. We had nothing but rain from March to early June. Now not a drop.

The deer are eating the pears from the pear tree.

bambi deer

This is good. Nutrients and water are what they need. The pear tree is unusually full of fruit this year. And it is all for the deer.

pear tree

A handful of sunflowers have made an appearance. I love sunflowers in a vegetable garden.


sunflower 2

Many more should be on the way. The birds love the seeds.

Surprisingly all the hot weather has not caused our lettuce to bolt.


Our zucchini is doing its amazonian thing. Each day we pick zucchini and the next day there’s more. We are inundated with zucchini. We use it in salads. I make bread with it which I store in the freezer for eating during the winter.


The Yarn Rascal has just dashed by with a skein of yarn. However, it is not the particular skein I am searching for, I can tell by the flash of color it’s not. Maybe I’ll slip out to our local library for some quiet time and leave the little one to daddy.

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