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My new project is a pair of socks for me.

toe up sock fiesta boomerang yarn

The yarn, Fiesta Boomerang in the Abalone colorway has been in my stash for years, as has the sock pattern. Serpentine is from the book Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. I love the book and I love the sock patterns in it.

I prefer toe-up socks because their construction seems more natural to me and fits my knitting style. The socks I finished for The Skipper were the last cuff down socks I intend to make. I find cuff down construction fiddly. I don’t like picking up for the gusset stitches, then decreasing back down. I absolutely despise the toe decreases and the struggle to turn the sock right side out to Kitchener Stitch the toe closed.

Toe up construction is just pure knit. When I’ve reached the length I want on the leg I just cast off.

I prefer short-row toes, which I did here. I’ve just finished increasing for the gusset and am ready to turn the heel, then knit the leg.

In the meanwhile I am waiting for the yarn to arrive from England for my next little girl sweater. I am sure it’s stuck somewhere in the morass called US Customs. If it’s not here by Wednesday, I will have to see about tracking it down and breaking it loose.

Sunday I spent with my sewing machine mending the hole Yarn Rascal chewed in my nice sheets. I am happy with the mend even though it took me longer than I thought it would. But that’s what happens when I pin the mending patch in place not only on the sheet but to my jeans too. I had to unpin, reposition the scrap of fabric, and pin again without catching my jeans. Yarn Rascal was in attendance the whole time. I discovered he likes fabric scraps, spools of thread, and bobbins just drive him over the edge. I think he has crafting in his gene pool. But I just can’t figure out how it got there.

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I hate sewing knitting projects together. It’s right at the top of my dislike list next to root canal and any kind of medical surgery.

I find this strange, since I am also a quilter. While I piece quilts together with my sewing machine, the actual quilting is always done by hand. I get great satisfaction from hand quilting a piece. Needle, thread, thimble, hoop bring peace. I also find calmness in Crewel Work and Embroidery. Both require needles and yarn. But let it be the combination of needle, yarn and pieces of knitting and I am taking short, shallow breaths as the tension expands methodically through out my body. A dull headache takes up residence in my forehead, and I can feel and hear the beat of my pulse in my ears; blood pressure on the rise.

At some deep level I just don’t believe knitting should be sewn. This is why I make all my socks toe-up. No sewing. I only need to weave in the ends. The toes of the socks last longer too.

This adverse reaction to sewing extends to crochet too. I won’t make an afghan that is sewn together. If it’s not worked all in one piece or joined together as you go I don’t even consider it.

I am, I strongly believe, working on my last baby sweater that will be sewn together. I’d rather work all in one piece, divide for armholes and pick up stitches for sleeves and collars than sew another seam together. Of course, one side of my mind is telling me that this is idiotic, after all the work I have done learning sleeve caps and how to properly seam a set-in sleeve. What about the whip stitch? The mattress stitch? The Woven Stitch? The art of joining rows to stitches and how time and again I cried while I was learning? Knitting without tears, my ass. It’s a rite of passage crying over knitting.


Maybe it’s not the last knitted thing I’ll make that needs to be sewn.


Have a good weekend.

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