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Before I started on the Carbeth sweater I had to finish these:

madelinetosh sock yarn knitted sock 2

They’re for The Skipper. The pattern is called Tracks and Hurdles. In high school he was a track person so I thought the pattern appropriate.

madelinetosh sock yarn knitted sock

The pattern is a multiple of 10, so it would only work with 20, 40, 60, or 80 stitches. Luckily, I was using a superwash merino, MadelineTosh Sock in Nassau Blue colorway, and I could drop down from the usual amount of stitches I’d need to 60 knowing that the stretch in both the pattern and the yarn would give The Skipper enough room to make the socks comfortable. They work perfectly.

Usually I Kitchener stitch the toes together, but this time I did a 3 needle bind off instead. So much easier! No counting. No trying to remember whether the needle goes in purlwise or knitwise or whether I just worked the same stitch twice.

So I am on to my Carbeth and as predicted, the temperature rose from 60 F / 15 C the day before I began the sweater to 90 F / 32 C on the day I cast on the sweater. Life never misses an opportunity to mess with me. Thus, for two days we’ve had 90 F / 32 C weather and I have had the beginnings of a wooly sweater in my lap along with a furry Yarn Rascal draped around my neck so he can slither down my front like a semi-solid bowl of Jell-O, ooze into my lap and land on top of my knitting. Today, surprisingly, we’re back to the 60 F / 15 C. I don’t usually catch breaks like this.

It appears we are, nonetheless, moving toward something called Summer, however hesitatingly. Dilly-Dilly and King George (a pair of robins) have nested again this summer just outside our kitchen window in the Mountain Laurel. Last year I fretted the whole time Dilly-Dilly and KG gave birth to then raised 3 baby robins. By the time the babies fledged I was ready to have a nervous breakdown in celebration. I was so sure she wasn’t feeding them enough, covering them enough, or in other words just worrying over every little thing.

This year I am trying to accept that Dilly-Dilly and KG know what they are doing. We have two antique bird baths in the Serenity Garden and KG has claimed one for himself and his lady. No other birds allowed. So the other day I decided to drive the one and one-half hours to the salvage store where I get my antique bird baths and pick up a third one so the rest of the birds don’t have to crowd into the one bird bath KG allows them. By the time I arrived home the eggs had hatched and we were seeing two bald little heads with large mouths poking up out of the nest to feed. Robins usually have 3 babies but I am working hard not to dwell on this because I will make myself crazy and I have two 88 year old parents to take care of who drive me round the bend on a regular basis. My default mode is anxiety.

New to the zoo this year is Chippy. He’s a chipmunk who does chipmunk yoga stretches in the morning on the pedestal of the sundial in the garden. Chippy had captured my heart which means I buy him organic almonds and feed him an handful or so daily. The Skipper says Chippy and his friends have dug tunnels around the house and one of these days the house is just going to sink from sight. He would like me to stop feeding Chippy. I don’t believe that a little chipmunk who does yoga will be the cause of the house sinking into the ground, but heaven knows I’ve been wrong before. Unbeknownst to The Skipper Chippy is going to be fed all summer and autumn. If the house sinks it sinks.

Also new to the zoo are two mallards, male and female who are inhabiting our pond. Hank the heron flew in the other day. When he saw the mallards he became quite indignant and flew off. Haven’t seen him since. So for all those with a heron problem forget the alligators and the 3 foot high string get a pair of mallards.



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