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This week I am house and cat sitting much to Yarn Rascal’s chagrin. It’s a large house. Lots of big windows. So when the Polar Vortex swept in last night it made itself known right away, banging into the largest of the windows. After I scraped the cat and me off the ceiling, I grabbed an extra down comforter to wrap us in while I knit. Susie likes to watch the yarn and needles move. Periodically she reaches out her tiny paw and touches the yarn. She’s very sweet and very gentle. It was almost a Norman Rockwell kind of scene.

As it neared midnight and the winds continued howling and battering, I noticed a light outside going on and off where no light should be. A short span of woods and a stone wall were in that area. I eased out from beneath the warm comforters and ran up to the second floor windows to get a better look. From the darkness of the second floor I could better see what was going on. A truck was parked blocking the road and the light I saw was coming from a flashlight a man was holding. In my mind it looked like he was looking for a way to come up and onto the property.

Out where I am located, calling the police is futile. I’d die long before they got here, and that’s assuming they could find their way here. So the option never crossed my mind. Instead, I came down stairs and grabbed my extra pointy Addi Turbo knitting needles while at the same time carefully slipping my knitting off them. The wind had been up for some time so I knew I could count on finding good-sized branches to use as clubs outside.

Nature didn’t fail me. She almost killed me, but she didn’t fail me. As I stealthily crossed the lawn, sneaking from tree to tree, I was almost flattened by a falling branch. I had a moment of confusion when I dithered over whether I should carry the heavy tree branch with my left arm which is my mastectomy side or whether it would be better to have the pointy knitting needles in the weaker arm’s hand.

I know little about attack tactics. I don’t know how to go about planning them nor do I know how to carry them out. And truly, I am not interested in knowing. I only know there I was a woman with one breast, sharp knitting needles in the left hand and a tree branch that was killing my arm and wrist in my right hand. Truthfully, I was hoping that by the time I had outfitted myself fully the guy would have gotten in his truck and left. But he didn’t.

My intention was to jump on top of the stone wall and stand there brandishing my Addi Turbos and the dang tree branch and surprise him. Instead, I missed the top of the wall. Or I should say, my feet missed the top of the wall. Unknown to me, there was a gully or dip in the terrain right where I launched my leap. A slight twist of the right ankle and next thing I know I am laying on my stomach hanging over the top of the wall. My right arm wrenched behind me because the tree branch didn’t follow my forward movement, but my left hand successfully pointed forward with my knitting needles bared.

I don’t know if it was the snapping of the twigs or if I really screamed but something alerted the guy that things were happening behind him. He whipped around and had the flashlight full on me. I tried to lift the tree branch from behind me, but laying across the wall as I was I had no leverage to lift it. I brandished my knitting needles instead. Addi Turbos really do catch light, even if it is only a flash light’s light. They positively gleamed.

The guy was a nice man. He works for the Water Department in the town I live in. They had a water main break earlier, fixed it and he was checking water samples in the area to make sure the water was safe for drinking. A man doing his job to serve the greater good. How beautiful. How rare. How American.

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