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Sunday Knitting and Crochet Images and a Little Humor is now located here. This is one of my Pinterest pages. I have commented on the trends being shown in some of the pictures. I really think knitting is heading in an exciting direction with combining short row and color work.

Also start thinking about knitting garments in undyed yarn and then when complete apply the dye. See the Gucci tie-dyed sweater.

My hope in changing the pictures to Pinterest is that I can show you more of what is inspiring to me and the trends I am seeing. In doing so, I hope this inspires the knitter and crocheter to create their own works of art.

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I plan on hibernating (locking myself in the yarn vault and meditating) at least part of this weekend. The Skipper’s family and grand kids are arriving Sunday and after the week I’ve had, well…let’s say I need to get my mind around it.

My computer was not able to be fixed. When the technician told me it was kaput I went into shock and then grief as if someone, not something, had died. Because we believe it was a virus that murdered it, I lost everything I had on it. Even the things I backed up I can’t use because I could have also backed up the virus. So much for setting restore points and carefully backing up files.

I was not ready to get a new computer, but there I was needing to do just that. While shopping for the new computer I moved through three of the four stages of grief: denial, anger (oh was I mad), and depression. I hate having to learn a new operating system. I hate having lost a number of programs that I depend on to help me with my work and now will have to replace. A pox on those who write malicious codes.

I believe I know when the virus (thanks Norton for not doing your job) occurred and so I am going to do things a little differently from now on. The first new thing you will notice is that the Sunday Images will now be shown only on my Pinterest site. You will have to click on the “here” button I will provide each Sunday to see them. This week’s Sunday Image theme is Resort wear for 2016. We’re not even halfway through the summer and the industry is already into next year.

Stripes are a big deal again, only this time they aren’t static, they move and don’t always go straight across in a clean line. Texture within stripes is also happening. Sequential knitting designs are giving way and becoming stripes in their own right and not necessarily repeated within the garment. Breaking up sequential knitting like this adds texture and interest to a classically shaped garment giving it a fresh look.

So I hope y’all will click through to my Pinterest page this Sunday and enjoy the fashion show.

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I’ve been trying to kill my washing machine for years now. When The Twisted Yarn wrote about her experience with felting and her washing machine, I thought I had found the perfect way to murder mine. Over the years, I have amassed a good deal of rovings hoping I would find the time to learn to spin. I shared my idea with The Twisted Yarn of filling the washing machine with the rovings, letting it go through its washing cycles and kill itself. Luckily, before I embarked on my murderous plot, The Twisted Yarn got back to me that such a plan wouldn’t actually kill the thing as much as clog up the works. I would instead spend my day draining and pulling out small pieces of wet, matted yarn from a tiny tube located at the bottom of the machine. I am so grateful she told me this because I would have taken an ax to that machine before I lovingly drained and removed anything from it.

The machine washes clothes. Dirt, spots, set-in stains vanish as does the fabric they were on. That’s right, my washing machine is a serial hole ripper. A slasher of the first order. No matter what I do, if the item goes in the washing machine it’s coming out with a rip in it. I’ve tried light loads, medium loads, heavy loads. It slashes them all. I’ve put clothes into pillowcases to protect them. The pillowcases come out looking like a mad man with scissors had a go at them. The clothes are clean with new holes in them.

I have never been a slave to fashion. I like to wear what I want, when I want. So I found it interesting to discover that wearing clothes with rips in them are right in style.

Chanel's little sweat suit .

Chanel’s little sweat suit .

My washing machine could have produced that little Chanel sweatsuit on its gentle cycle.

Stella McCartney's 2015 spring line

Stella McCartney’s 2015 spring line

I’ve had a fashion designer right in my laundry room all this time and didn’t know it. Foolish me for trying to kill it.

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The full spectrum of this year’s winter fashions was masterfully exemplified by the House of MoNa and its preeminent designer Mother Nature, last night. The runways, streets, highways and byways, in dales and villages and city, nothing was left untouched by her serene palette of whites, greys, and browns re-imagined and reinvigorated for a true 21st century look.

brocade of silver ice

Whether gown, jacket, or casual dress, brocades of silver ice decorated it. Peeking out from beneath a jacket of ombre colors of burnt sienna, ecru and burnt umber

grey green brown ecru

or encrusted on the top half of a gown, silver ice brocade is the fashion update this season.

front in ice

MoNa made her traditional greys, browns, and whites in many varied shades pop with surprising splashes of color. Turquoise,

turquoise snow shovel



and glints of copper provided a fresh update to MoNa’s neutral palette.

bird feeder in snow

MoNa’s greens ran from lively

greens of winter

to dusky beneath silver ice brocade.

tree snow

The good news, MoNa is repeating this show 2 days from now. Tickets are available from the Weather Channel.

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