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I missed Friday’s post. It was the second day in what became a 48 hour ordeal involving no sleep. Frankly, I become a little ragged around the edges after 24 hours of no sleep. When it hits 48 hours without sleep a desperation begins to settle in and my mind and body overreact to everything.

Yarn Rascal became very ill Thursday night at 2 a.m. Yes, 2 a.m. is the crucial period of day, or should I say night, for me. Always has been my whole life. The worst of a bad storm will peak at 2 a.m., if there is a medical emergency it takes place at 2 a.m. In short, if it’s going to be nasty it’s going to happen at 2 a.m. This time, not only did it happen at 2 a.m. but it happened just as I was becoming sick from my flu shot earlier in the day.

We rushed Yarn Rascal to the emergency vet. I’ve been this route before with my other dogs. A 30 minute drive that seems to take an hour. The annoyance of all the other cars on the road, and thinking “When the hell does anyone sleep around here?”

As they check Yarn Rascal I swallow two aspirin for the fever I am getting. It’s determined that Yarn Rascal “ate something”. Of course he did, he’s like a little vacuum cleaner. I spend 90% of my day taking things out of his mouth. The doctor also finds a “thickening in the intestinal loop”. Panic releases itself and spreads through my body then seizes my brain. Something is lodged in his intestine? The doctor calmly says that he doesn’t feel an object, just a thickening. He calmly suggests Yarn Rascal be given some fluids to help the dehydration and an anti-nausea shot. Calmly he tell me that I should take Yarn Rascal home and in 90 minutes call my regular vet who will be open. But my brain is stuck on “He has something stuck in his intestines” and is playing it in an endless loop. By the time I get to his regular vet I am wired like a person who has had too much caffeine.

His regular vet is a very calm person. He does the x-rays and blood work that I plead for request because I am positive something is stuck in his intestines. But before the assistant takes Yarn Rascal into the back I whisper in his ear, “It’s the dawning of a new day buddy, and the first thing that’s going to stop is putting everything in your mouth and eating it!” As I turn, I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror that is in the waiting room to give it the illusion of being bigger than it is. My hair is in spikes and standing on end, the dark circles around my eyes are so prominent it looks as if they were intentionally done with make-up. In short, I look like a punk rocker after a really, really bad night.

The vet show me the x-rays and blood work results. He does this because he knows if I don’t actually see them I won’t really believe him when he tells me nothing is stuck in the intestines. The blood work is all good except where it indicated that Yarn Rascal hadn’t had any food in awhile. The vet put him in the hospital for the whole day to get fluid and medicine in him.

Friday night I stayed awake and watched Yarn Rascal sleep. Because things needed to change, I turned to the only source immediately available to me in the dead of the night to find out how to manage Yarn Rascal’s habits. The internet. I found the Dog Whisperer. I watched episode after episode. I learned things. When Yarn Rascal woke up Saturday morning it was indeed the dawning of a new day. Although he managed to eat the two ears off his Halloween toy Sunday, I consider it only a minor setback. I am determined to head in a new direction with him with calmness, patience, love, and consistency.

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