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The Monet socks are done.

17 aug 2015-1

I am happy with the way they came out and I loved working with the yarn from Two Grey Dogs. I am eyeing a few of their other colorways that I’ve fallen in love with.

Dad’s blanket is 40% done. I took pictures, but I am not at one with the photo editor in this $#!!@&! new computer. So while it worked for the socks, it’s giving me grief over the blanket picture. I just spent two hours trying everything and still can’t figure it out. I miss my old computer so badly.

Dad’s blanket is now at a standstill which is putting me on edge. The yarn I need to complete it has been on backorder for several weeks now. I’d like to get the completed blanket to him while both my parents are still alive and able to enjoy it. So I feel this time pressure that is making me as short tempered as an angry bee.

Right now I am not engaged with any knitting project, though I do have a second sock to finish to make one pair complete. But I don’t want to work on that. I have shawls I could knit, but I don’t want to work on them either. I want to finish the blanket.

In addition, the cold has returned, though I suspect it never really left. I could go on and complain about the heat, the 80 tomatoes waiting for me to make them into sauce, that I ache all over thanks to the cancer medication and the weather, I also didn’t sleep last night courtesy of a certain little someone with four feet who held a nocturnal party all night. Yarn Rascal broke into the yarn vault, and well…there are a number of skeins that have been deconstructed and separated from their wrappers. As I type this, the little rascal is curled in a ball sleeping soundly in his bed.

As for me, I am going to try an attitude adjustment. I don’t know what that will entail, but I’m going to try anyway.

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Still Alive

All is normal here, that is to say going down the tubes as fast as everything can. I thought I’d just check in to let you know I still live, though the summer cold I caught is now trying to kill me. It defies every natural aide I’ve shared with it. So in an act of desperation I saw a regular doctor on Friday. He agrees it is a cold, wrote some prescriptions, told me to fill them and I should be back doing the funky duck by Sunday. Well…between Friday and Sunday comes Saturday, when the medicines entered my system. A small trip to the hospital because of severe reactions and no funky ducky on Sunday. The cold is still alive and well.

A special thank you to Mollie and Claire. A very special package greeted me on my return from the hospital with the most wonderful and delicious yarn in it. Yarn Rascal was besides himself over it and I couldn’t help but feel he sensed Mollie. He smelled and gently rubbed his face all over the yarn. I am going to post pictures of this wonderful gift, but first this dang computer and I, along with the camera, need to be able to work together nicely. We haven’t quite found that balance yet. (And they want to release Windows 10!! Silicon Valley is filled with sadists.)

I am working on my father’s blanket and need to order more yarn. The yarn counts in the pattern aren’t right. It’s a good pattern, which I will be sharing pictures of as soon as the computer from hell, and the camera and I can all play nicely.

My best new summer friend, or at least I think he’s trying out for the spot, is Sammy. The Snake. For now just let me say he meets me in the driveway, a self-appointed greeter. Some families had butlers greet them when they came home. I have a snake.

This is my life.

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Between the new cell phone and the new computer I am being technically tortured 24 hours and 7 days a week. I dream of a Court of Law, where I can put both phone and computer on trial and exact justice, painful justice. But no such court exists. Therefore, I am little more than their human captive susceptible to each of their individual oddities.

I acquired a copy of the Geneva Convention dealing with war crimes and torture. The copy wasn’t sourced via my computer, but through a friend’s who is a librarian. My relationship with my computer hasn’t progressed far enough to where I can ask it to do something for me and it will do it. I’d say it has a rogue mentality, but then I’m not a psychologist. I put the Geneva Convention information next to the computer. Some people like to start the day with a good stretch, or run. I like to start mine by reading a pertinent article on torture that is germane to the activities of the computer from the previous day. I always end the reading with the suggested punishment: hanging, firing squad, etc…. But nothing seems to daunt it. It knows the rules weren’t written for it.

The cell phone is a critter unto itself. It won’t let me make calls unless it’s to an emergency number. The phone has this fingerprint recognition thing. The first and only time it ever recognized my fingerprint was when I set it up. After 5 attempts at fingerprint recognition, up pops a keyboard on the screen asking for my backup password. I frankly have no idea what I used as a password because I thought the fingerprint thing was a solid deal. After ten minutes searching through papers that I possibly scribbled the password on I found it and got access to my phone to make a call. Of course the conversation was dropped right at the important part. The phone then gave me my heart rate, which it noted was elevated.

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Slowly I am beginning to repopulate my new computer with the programs and recreate files I need in order to execute my work. This is not an easy go. It’s taking time from knitting and that creative process so that I may not have the number of new items I wanted to have ready for an Autumn and Winter launch. But pushing that aside for the moment, the recent sudden death of my computer has caused me to rethink my relationship with these technical products in my life. It’s raised many questions that need answers.

For instance, I want to know how a computer works even though in the past I have found such investigations extremely boring to the point that they were an effective cure for my insomnia. I am plagued by the question of how can I use and heavily depend upon an instrument which I don’t completely understand? It seems to be a recipe for disaster. It seems the actions of a fool. Obviously trusting an outside source to keep my computer safe was a stunning failure. The truth is relying completely on an outside source borders on idiocy. I need to know in exquisite detail how to keep it safe because I am the one using it. Therefore, I need to now how it operates. So I am in search of information. The bad thing is it will take away knitting time, the good thing is I will learn what I need to learn and at least temporarily cure my insomnia.

On the knitting front, the Monet sock goes well. I am as happy as Yarn Rascal is with a ball of Shetland yarn. I will write up the pattern and offer it for free on Ravelry.

All of The Skipper’s grandchildren and their parents came by Monday for a seafood cookout. The house is just getting back to looking normal, Yarn Rascal is still knocked out, and I have caught a summer cold.

On the wild animal front, we have three new fawns in our deer herd. They are simply darling and fun to watch. My wrens have a second brood as do the blue birds. The gardens are still a good two weeks behind schedule, but that is not under my control.

For now, I am going to stick my head into one of the computer books and read until I can’t take it anymore.

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I plan on hibernating (locking myself in the yarn vault and meditating) at least part of this weekend. The Skipper’s family and grand kids are arriving Sunday and after the week I’ve had, well…let’s say I need to get my mind around it.

My computer was not able to be fixed. When the technician told me it was kaput I went into shock and then grief as if someone, not something, had died. Because we believe it was a virus that murdered it, I lost everything I had on it. Even the things I backed up I can’t use because I could have also backed up the virus. So much for setting restore points and carefully backing up files.

I was not ready to get a new computer, but there I was needing to do just that. While shopping for the new computer I moved through three of the four stages of grief: denial, anger (oh was I mad), and depression. I hate having to learn a new operating system. I hate having lost a number of programs that I depend on to help me with my work and now will have to replace. A pox on those who write malicious codes.

I believe I know when the virus (thanks Norton for not doing your job) occurred and so I am going to do things a little differently from now on. The first new thing you will notice is that the Sunday Images will now be shown only on my Pinterest site. You will have to click on the “here” button I will provide each Sunday to see them. This week’s Sunday Image theme is Resort wear for 2016. We’re not even halfway through the summer and the industry is already into next year.

Stripes are a big deal again, only this time they aren’t static, they move and don’t always go straight across in a clean line. Texture within stripes is also happening. Sequential knitting designs are giving way and becoming stripes in their own right and not necessarily repeated within the garment. Breaking up sequential knitting like this adds texture and interest to a classically shaped garment giving it a fresh look.

So I hope y’all will click through to my Pinterest page this Sunday and enjoy the fashion show.

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Many people in my life have tried to help me “get organized”. Grandparents, aunts, parents, husband, sister, they all had a go at it. The truth is I am an organized person just not in the traditional sense of the word: systematically arranging things to, in theory, efficiently deal with them.

A place for everything and everything in its place is a sure-fire way to guarantee I will hunt for and never find the thing again in my life time. Such is the case with two items I’ve been looking for high and low for two weeks now. The CD for my printer so I can reload it into my computer and a pattern I need to reference a neckline.

It seems I was cleaning out computer files late one night two weeks ago and oops(!) there went the printer file. I have since imposed a rule on myself that prevents me from tinkering with and cleaning up the computer after 9 pm.

The printer disc was one of those things I distinctly remember The Skipper interferring helping in the placement of. I wanted to slip it into one of the little nooks in my antique secretary’s desk. He stopped me, gave a brief lecture on everything in its place, and had me put it…well that’s the question: Where? Where was this proper place for this thing?

I’ve asked him. He’s given me all the suggestion of where he would suggest it go and it’s not in any of those places. Though the desk nook might not have been the systematically correct way of arranging it I would have had it in my hot little hands by now and fixed the problem in what to me would have been an efficient and timely fashion.

The second item I am searching for is a baby sweater pattern which I had saved so I could reference the neckline design. The technique was interesting. The technique would also be of help to me at the moment with the little girl’s sweater I am almost finished with. I say almost finished because I still have the neckline to do.

I originally was going to put the pattern in with a stash of wool that if I was ever to knit up the pattern I would most likely use to knit it. Again The Skipper decided I need organizing help and stepped in to offer the systematically correct way of keeping reference patterns. His solution is binders.

The Skipper is a huge fan of notebook binders. The bigger the binder the better. He also covets page protectors. If you need a sure stock market tip, invest in a company that makes binders and page protectors. As long as The Skipper is alive the stock is safe. I am sure that his suggestion was to put it in a page protector and a binder. Well, I’ve looked through every binder he’s had me make and no pattern. I even opened the yarn vault (much to Yarn Rascal delight) and looked where it should have been. Still no pattern.

All of this is to say that while I may seem unorganized to the systematically efficient crowd, I’m really not. The executive function part of my brain just works a little differently in what and how it lumps things together.

And now I am off to hunt again for the CD and the pattern. Systematic efficiency is killing me.

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Such simple things,

And we make of them something so complex it defeats us,

Almost. Why can’t everything be simple again? ….

John Ashley

I can’t tell you how many times in the past few days I have sat down at this computer of mine to accomplish a few simple tasks that in end still are not completed. A small upgrade here, a tiny download there. Things that would make my life easier. All still undone, though I have worked hours on getting them done.

Perhaps the one thing that stands out as a truly deranged moment in all this was when my computer—and it is mine, no one else in the house uses it unless my bichon and pointer lab are keeping things from me—told me that I did not have the authority to perform the action I wanted it to take. I needed to get the “okay” from the administrator. I mean I am the administrator.

It was like a Sarah Connor the Terminator Chronicles moment. Pick up the nearest, biggest thing you can find and bash the damn machine until its parts are just that: parts, strewn from wall to wall. Humpty Dumpty not to be put back together again. What should have taken maybe 15 minutes has been extended into days trying to prove to my computer that I do have the authority.

On a lighter note, I am almost finished with a pair of lace socks for girl babies. I am working on writing the pattern for not only baby girls, but girls, and women too. I think the socks are perfect for a mother / daughter kind of thing.

The baby sweater is still undone. I am hunting buttons for it; no small task since I don’t have a fabric store anywhere near me.

What did ever happen to simple?

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Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Conduct of Life

I am not a bottom-less pit of knowledge when it comes to computers, but I get by. While trying to upload my free knitting pattern to my blog (see the side bar My Free Patterns) I realized that whenever I try to expand my horizons there are lessons (learning) that must take place first. Usually I do not forsee these “lessons”. I get an idea and then I want to get on with it only to realize that I am missing pieces of knowledge that are necessary completion. I’m not quite as bad as jumping into the deep end of the ocean only to surface and say, “Excuse me, how does that swimming thing go again?” But I am bad.

What usually happens is the idea takes longer (forever it seems, sometimes) to come into being while I search here and there, then back to here again for the knowledge I need to get the thing completed. And today it seemed to take me forever to simply find the knowledge (information) I needed to upload the pattern pdf and create a link to it.  Yes, “life is a succession of lessons”, the learning of which goes right out of my head, sometimes. I know the next time I want to upload I’ll have to go through all the knowledge gathering again.

The free pattern is called Hearts Abound Baby Socks. They are sized 6 to 12 months old. I have a hat pattern that goes with them, Hearts Abound Baby Hat,  and that is in my Etsy store. The link to my store is also on the side bar. I hope you enjoy the socks pattern.

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