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So much is going on around here that I really don’t even know what day it is. Eighteen pounds of tomatoes have been made into sauce. An entire sock was completed for The Skipper, but the foot was too big. Yes, all those teeny twisted and crossed stitches were ripped right out. I am back to a ball of yarn, 5 naked double-pointed needles, and a calculator. I could cry.

On the plus side, the countdown to the first day of college continues. I had a wonderful time with my nephew yesterday. Laughs and fond memories, heart to heart sharing. I like that he is not hesitant to ask me about anything. It’s the kind of open, honest relationship I wanted to build with him and his brother from the moment they were born. It was important to me from the minute I saw their little faces a few hours after birth that they grew up knowing my love for them is unconditional, no strings attached. A problem shared is a problem cut in half. They can talk about anything to me. While my nephew is still understandably nervous, much of the mystery and worry has been abated. He told me the best time of his life was when he was four years old. I told him I thought the best time of his life was yet to be.

None of the knitted items I need to photograph has seen the camera. Today the car is in for service. Tomorrow is doctor time for me and food shopping for the weekend. So there is little hope that they will be photographed in the next 24 hours. I also have to write up two patterns and begin the jottings for two others.

In the meantime, Lucy at Attic24 has her Coastal Blanket up and ready. I’ve been drooling over it since she started it. I think it is perfect for my 83 year old father. So on top of the socks, the girl’s smock, and a tiny shawl I’d like to make for me, the Coastal Blanket is calling to me. Yes, it is crochet, which I think might be a good break from knitting teeny twisted and crossed stitches. The new yarn, the colors, it might just be the project that saves my sanity as Autumn approaches.

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Check, Please.

This is migraine headache week for me. Everything is going on all at once and I’d be pressed to get it all done even if I were an octopus.

The socks I knitted for myself are done and need pictures taken. In fact I need to photograph no less than 8 completed knitted items in a professional manner other than toss it on the grass, point the camera and press the button. No, these need appropriate lighting, and background setting. These are time consuming.

The tomatoes have decided to ripen all at once. It takes 30 to make sauce. I have 90+ waiting for me. Sauce making is time consuming. It can’t be done while photographing knitting.

My youngest nephew is to start college in September and he is having some strong negative reactions to the idea. He is high functioning autistic so changes are difficult for him. Very smart. Very creative. Very much doesn’t want to start college. Between now and then, I will be helping him find peace, comfort, and the willingness to give it a try. I’m going to break up going to college for the first time into manageable pieces for him and remind him that these are very much like the manageable pieces we went through when we changed from elementary to middle school, and from middle school to high school. He is my number one concern from now until the first week of college is complete.

I am knitting on The Skipper’s Socks. My own pattern. I had forgotten how time consuming and nerve wracking working twisted stitches on each row in the round can be. Especially when those twisted stitches are crossed and recrossed almost every row. The twisted stitch part takes place over only two sets of 10 stitches, but it feels like it’s more than that. Add to this that they are tiny, tiny stitches on US Size 1 dpns worked in yarn that Yarn Rascal is attracted to, and frankly it’s a disaster movie in the making. Yarn Rascal has an uncanny way of knowing just when to attack look for love by jumping in my lap at the least opportune moment for me. Catching tiny dropped twisted and crossed stitches, seating them correctly on the needles, figuring out which round I’m now working after all the disruption is not a relaxing way of spending time.

I also need to have my computer working in tip-top shape by tomorrow, when it is going to be asked to do a number of computer-like things simultaneously without complaining by a design expert. She is working on designing a logo for my mh designs hand knits and a logo for my slipped stitches blog.

At the same time, I need to take all the current design boards I have on it and print them out so I can create by hand (not by computer, by hand) the card I want for The Skipper’s Mother’s 90th birthday. It means drawing and painting for at least a 36 hour period.

If I have figured all this out right at the end there will be 450+ tomatoes waiting, 7 knitted garments still to be photographed, The Skippers Sock in some sort of disarray with tiny twisted stitches hanging loose, the ball of yarn attached to those loose stitches in Yarn Rascal’s mouth, the computer will have given up it’s ghost, my nephew will be avoiding me at all costs, and the painting for the birthday card will be a cross between Dali and Pollack, two styles of painting that definitely don’t fit what I have in mind.

Check, please?

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