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Where have all the simple answers gone? Remember when something like a television set was delivered to the house and set up by the store it was bought from? And when the guy doing the set up was asked “how do you turn it on”, the answer was simple “push this button.” Those days are long gone along with service stations pumping gas for me.

Today, if I want to know how something works I thumb through a manual that’s half the thickness of War and Peace in search of a simple answer to my simple question. Or I get redirected to the web when I click on the little ? button. No matter how I word my query I get the same answer: “Search found nothing.”

New smart phone? Try to answer it when it rings. For mine I need to shake it up and down and repeatedly stab the green icon with the telephone receiver pictured on it while reciting “this damn phone” silently in my head because I never know when it will suddenly connect me with the incoming call and I don’t want the first words the person on the other end hears to be me screaming “this damn phone”.

All of this brings me to the birthday card I finally made for The Skipper’s 90 year old mother. I am nowhere near the card making talent whatamiuptotoday displays when she makes her lovely cards. But The Skipper wanted a card that was individually tailored for his mother (who is sharp as a tack) and so we worked on ideas this weekend. The first idea of drawing and painting three individual pictures was thrown out immediately. Even though the pictures would be small and card sized, it would take me weeks to complete and her birthday is this Friday.

I warily eyed my computer. I have all this snazzy software in it that allows me to create almost anything I could ever want, but never use, so maybe this might be the right time to get to know the software better. Could it really be that hard to create a very, very simple card? Oh, yes. Yes, it can.

The petard I hoisted myself on was of my own making. The Skipper’s Mom is extremely fond of Downton Abbey. I wanted the design to recall the late 1800s to early 1900s. The jewel in the crown of the design was a full body picture of the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith in complete late 1800s costume with The Skipper’s Mom’s face in the place of Smith’s face. The setting an old-fashioned picture in an album.

All the software manuals were online so each time I had a question–and they were many–it was back to the internet and play How Many Ways Can You Word a Simple Question so the online manual recognizes it and pulls up the relevant information. By Sunday evening I was ready to quit. My brain could no longer think of rephrasing yet again another question. I had gotten to the point where I just wanted to crawl into bed and stay in the fetal position for awhile. I had done everything I could to prepare the two pictures for merger–merging airlines and banks are easier–and the software wasn’t letting me do it. I was so close.

It was Yarn Rascal and his tail that saved the day and the card. When I raised my eyes and hands to the ceiling and yelled “Why, dear God” Yarn Rascal jumped into my lap and in doing so landed on top of my laptop computer. He has this thing where he won’t allow me to be upset. When I am, he jumps into my arms and wags his tail and licks my face until I get over myself and am laughing. This little guy is my angel from above. When I calmed down and realized it’s just a card and cleared Yarn Rascal from sitting on the computer, the pictures had merged. I don’t know how he did it. I just know that he did.

Early this morning, The Skipper mailed the finished card. The whole thing ended up looking pretty neat. I was saved yet again by Yarn Rascal.

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