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Running around the internet this morning and this caught my eye.


Yes, Barbie. Only this time the toy company is releasing more realistic versions of the icon. But what truly got my attention was not the announcement that the doll may have a more realistic figure, but the dress the red haired doll second from the right is wearing. Recognize those colors?

feelin groovy colors

The colors look great on a red head. Who’d have thought?

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I spent the weekend thinking about and working on the baby sweater Feelin’ Groovy. One of the changes I made was to rearrange the colors. A color is affected by the other colors around it, as evidenced in the picture below.

feelin groovy colors

Placing the lime green and hot pink next to each other sapped the life out of each color. Separating them with the dark turquoise gave them back their zip. This is the new edging / hem for the sweater. The knitting is a combination of slip stitch and stranding. I like the way each color is now distinct and vibrant. The checkered combination will go on the cuffs and around the neckline.

I am rethinking and redrawing the neckline, not sure which I will go with yet. First I need to get the duplicate stitch motif I plan to use charted and positioned on the body of the sweater to get a better idea of what will look best.

Because this sweater is influenced by the 1960s I did some research on which motif represented the 60s. I looked at fashion, design, and posters from the era. Three shapes seemed to most define the time: a flower, the peace symbol, and a dove sitting on the neck of a guitar. The latter was widely used in posters for Woodstock.

I immediately threw out knitting techniques such as stranding or intarsia for creating the motif opting for duplicate stitch instead. After much consideration, I decided on a flower as the representation of the era.

For now, the body of the sweater is being knit in Stockinette Stitch. My next decision is whether to use the yarn in duplicate stitch or use DMC Cotton Thread in a nice glossy color for the flowers.

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Today is Yarn Rascal’s third birthday and I want to wish him a happy birthday. Later today the yarn vault will be wide open and he can play among the yarns for a little while under my watchful eye.

The snow has arrived. And as always, from my big mouth to the ears of powers-that-be, we are getting a lot more than expected. So much for the storm hugging the New York City area. I haven’t had time to dig out the car and take it for a test drive as I’ve been busy shoveling for Yarn Rascal. He gets very excited when it snows so this is like an extra birthday present for him. He goes out as a dog and comes back in as a large snowball with four little legs.

Work has begun on the Feeling’ Groovy baby sweater. Not actual knitting, but a review of the numbers and the selection of technique for the color work. Reading about facings and deciding whether they will be knitted on or sewn on using grosgrain ribbon is today’s goal. I don’t like the idea of the ribbon in the neck area for a number of reasons, but mostly because it will lack the stretch the area needs. The facing must be decided before I start to knit.

Once again, I’d like to say Happy Birthday Little One. I couldn’t do this cancer thing without you, my little angel.

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Baby Sweater Redux

At some point tomorrow we’re suppose to get snow. About 3 to 6″ (8 to 15 cm) with the bulk of the storm staying east of us. If we get 6″ (15) cm it will be a good time to test out the new car and see how it handles both in plowed and unplowed snow. My last one went in anything. It particularly did well in deep unplowed snow. We’ll see what the talking car does in a pittance of snow.

On the knitting front, the Rock Island Shawl has been a bad boy. As of today it is being put in a time out so it can think over its atrocities. I only have 24 rows of lace to knit over a little less than 300 stitches and it can’t seem to get its act together.

Instead I will work on the second version of Ming Blue which I now call Feelin’ Groovy.

girl's smock 001

This is how it looked before I took the scissors to it. Since then I rethought and will rework the color work borders. Colors are affected by the colors next to them. The lime green immediately next to the pink muddied the vibrancy of the pink color. Inserting a turquoise stitch between the two gives them back their individual vibrancy.

The patch pockets are gone. When was the last time anyone saw a baby walking around with its hands in its pockets? The knitted on facings at cuffs, hem and neck is also jettisoned. If a facing is needed it will be a satin trim.

The Nehru / mandarin collar is staying, though I may tweak the numbers. The sleeves will be reworked to make them tapered rather than lantern in shape.

I am undecided about the button placket and whether I should do away with it, substituting frog closures instead. Or keep it and just rework a different pattern placket. I am also undecided about the pattern for the body of the sweater. Do I keep it as is or make it simple st st? This is particularly thorny because the silhouette calls for steady decreases on each side from hem to chest. Since it seems a number of knitters do not understand how to decrease while keeping in pattern, I’d have to write it  out for them. This makes the pattern much longer than what it needs to be. There must be a compromise here that I haven’t figured out yet.


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marc jacobs

This is a design by Marc Jacobs 2016. The price is probably high. The sequined skirt adds to the over-the-top feeling. Have you ever sat in a sequined dress? Sequins don’t take to being sat on. So you never sit. Wearing something sequined is like being the sparkly center piece of an overly decorated table.

But the sweater is the best example of why a knitter with a migraine should not knit. Dropped stitches? Who cares? They’re a “design element”. The neckline is what happens when a knitter doesn’t think the design all the way through. Hmmm, what to do about the neck? Maybe a little one by one ribbing….No I want something that says holiday sweater! Now where did I put that sparkly yarn? Yes, a bow round the neck in sparkly yarn and the one by one ribbing should do it. Those dropped stitches will never be noticed now.

And I worry that my designs might be too much. Fact is, I’m just a migraine headache and a bad day away from creating something like this.

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Things are quiet here. I don’t often get to say that so it feels both good and a little strange.

It maybe quiet because my neck is still in a brace. Not much trouble can be found when all I can do is sit. I am able to work on the Point of Libra Shawl. Pictures are coming. I finally caved and purchased the photo editing suite I am most familiar with and stopped trying to learn the one that came preinstalled on the computer. It is one less thing to dither over.

Tomorrow I am going to launch the test knit for my pattern The New Rugby Sweater.

new rugby sweater knit front

It will go up on the Free Pattern Testers forum. I am looking for 10 test knitters total, so if you are interested check it out.

In the meanwhile, I am reading knitting patterns that have unusual or interesting construction techniques. I am getting down in the weeds of how to construct a Cowichian-style collar, among others. I collect the information on certain construction and keep it in journals. If I ever want to use a specific construction, I refer to the journal and have a starting point for further investigation. Among the data I collect are the names of websites that have info on that specific construction. I am considering making a baby sweater in a Cowichian-style but with motifs that represent modern day society. Right now, deciding on what the motifs are and then creating them is my challenge.

True Cowich sweaters have a rustic sense about them and the motifs used have meaning. One of the ways in which I want to diverge is for it not to be rustic. In part, I can achieve this through my selection of wool. But a too smooth wool will not have the “sticky” property that is needed when doing stranded knitting. Again, it’s a Goldilocks dilemma for me: sticky but not too sticky. Second, I don’t want to use traditional colors, yet I think I want natural colored yarn that has not been dyed. This is tricky because undyed wool always tends to look a bit rustic in both texture and color.

This is some of the knitting I ruminate on while I knit the Point of Libra shawl. It’s just so quiet that I almost can’t stand it.

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Knit, Knit, Knit.

The photo software is still giving me fits. I need to find out how to adjust the file size of the photo, but I uploaded these anyway.

While I can’t show you the actual garment sample I am knitting for a designer, I can show you the yarn. It’s Plymouth Yarn Encore Tweed. The actual color is much darker, closer to a teal in certain light.

17 aug 2015-3

The yarn knits up into a firm fabric perfect for coats or even a blanket.

The next picture is of two panels of Dad’s blanket. The yarn is Valley Yarn Berkshire Bulky. I am close to having 75% of the blanket done.

17 aug 2015-2

The next photo is the beginning of a sweater I am making myself. Nothing fancy, just a hanging around the house type thing. The killer is the yarn is fingering weight and I am knitting it on size 5 needles. Great for a baby sweater, but a mountain of knitting for an adult sweater. I knew that going in but I didn’t care because I fell in love with the color and instantly knew the stitch pattern I wanted it paired with. It’s a long term project. The name of the yarn escapes me at the moment, but it was being discontinued and I bought up all they had.

17 aug 2015-1

So those are the knitting projects I am currently working on. I have the second sock of the no ribbing socks yet to complete and the mountain of lace that is the Rock Island Shawl. But these are for another time. I first need to get the sample knit done, then concentrate on the blanket.

I know I’ve missed posting the Sunday Knitting and Crochet Images. Behind the scenes here some hard things have happened and are happening. Two childhood friends died within a few days of each other after long battles with cancer. A third friend is fighting her way through chemotherapy. It’s hard right now. I hope to continue the Sunday Images soon.

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12 month old schematic

Somehow I forgot to add this size to the rest of the baby size and measurement posts. You can find all the baby sizes under Schematics Baby Sizes on the sidebar to the right.

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My latest baby sweater will be ready for the test knitters as soon as I finish typing up the pattern. For now here are some fast pictures I snapped.

new rugby sweater knit front

Watching the fashions on the runways, I loved the non-stripe stripe. Breaking out of a stripe being a long, thin or wide, line that went across an entire garment, I decided to play with the idea a bit. For that I turned to the ultimate in stripe sweaters the Rugby sweater as my template. The only other overly striped garment that comes close is vintage prison garb.

new rugby sweater knit sdwys cu

I decided to learn how to play with the width of the stripes while maintaining an even length across the bottom of the garment at all times. That took some math and a whole lot of knitting, ripping, and knitting again. I was working in a heavier weight yarn than I am used to, but the heavier weight gave me more options when it came to breaking off the striping. Since this is a sporting sweater, I went with slim rolled hem, neck and cuff lines. Deepening the neck depth offered me the opportunity to eliminate the usual buttons one sees on baby clothes around the neckline. The way the neck is worked provides more than enough stretch for it to easily slide over the child’s head.

The weight of the yarn makes it appropriate for the autumn and winter months.

On the back side of the sweater I gave myself and the knitter a break and made it plain.

new rugby sweater knit back

I can’t tell you how many times the front of the sweater was knit, ripped, and knit again. I lost count after week three. But giving birth to an idea is never easy, it seems.

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I haven’t written much about the personal stuff going on. Suffice it to say, it includes my mother, emergency rooms and hospital stays and still nothing is resolved. If not for my knitting, I would have long ago embarrassed myself in hospital halls and emergency rooms by yelling because they don’t seem to understand what is said in normal conversational tones. I have met more doctors with Tin God attitudes than I thought could ever exist within such close geographic proximity to each other without internecine warfare breaking out.

Last night, after I left the hospital, I finished the “little sweater from hell” I’ve been knitting during all this. In all fairness, it’s not a complicated knit it’s all garter stitch. But whatever I could do wrong I did. I ran out of yarn in the middle of a row and ripped back to join another ball, inexplicably I changed to stockinette stitch for an inch (2.5) cm or so and ripped back, I dropped stitches and ripped back. But it’s done, set-in sleeves and all. Today it gets a bath and blocking. Tomorrow I take pictures of it, write up the pattern and by Tuesday I’ll be searching for test knitters. Ah, the plans of mice and men.

With all this upset in routine Yarn Rascal has once again put forth his best effort and received The Golden Paw Award.


I ordered some yarn. Sublime’s cashmere, silk, and merino blend for a second baby sweater I have in mind. I’ve had issues regarding the delivery of yarn that range from it never getting here to it arriving months after I’ve stop looking for it. The time lag between order and delivery is usually long. So I wasn’t expecting my recent order to arrive during the summer.

The yarn arrived in 3 days. Proof miracles do happen just not when I want them. The Skipper placed the package on the table. When I came home from the hospital that night, I failed to see it and secure it from Yarn Rascal. Instead, we went to bed and the nocturnal Yarn Rascal was, as usual, MIA doing his nocturnal things.

When the first bird sang at dawn, Yarn Rascal jumped into bed and burrowed down into the covers wrapped in and trailing yarn. Yes, he spent a wonderful evening with the Sublime yarn. He retrieved the package, which took climbing skills, tore it open and removed the yarn. Much to his delight he shredded the paper yarn wrappers. The way he was deeply entangled in the yarn I dare say that next to his most favorite Shetland Yarn, this blend of Sublime might come in a close second. The paper wrappers are toast, as is the invoice, but the yarn was none the worse for the wear. As he’s getting older, he’s learning how to handle yarn without tearing it up. I’m just filled with miracles.

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