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Long time, no write. I hope this is going to change. Some pesky health issues made keeping up with my blogging all but impossible. Finally I am feeling a bit better.

I did manage to finish the crochet baby blanket that my MIL had started before she passed away.


As I said, it has been a time since I crocheted and the pattern was all in her head. I kept with the pattern blocks as she had them. The Skipper has a blanket crocheted by her and I looked to that for guidance on how to stitch the blocks together. It seems as though she liked to crochet blocks together using single crochet. Wanting this blanket to be very much still hers and not mine, I connected the baby blanket blocks in like manner.

I also looked at the border on The Skippers blanket but realized I couldn’t reproduce it on the baby blanket as it would not work. While I am pretty sure my MIL’s border would have been more fancy, I decided to make the border out of single crochet. I felt this plain border would keep the emphasis on the blocks she had finished, thereby keeping the blanket as her creation.

All are happy with the blanket.

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Just A Quick Hello

I have not had the time lately to post and I really miss it. But everything here has been at sixes and sevens and I haven’t been able to steal a moment.

My mother-in-law who died was in the middle of crocheting a baby blanket for the newest great grandchild and my sister-in-law asked if I would like to finish it. I was honored to be asked. The package with blanket-in-progress arrived yesterday. As is usual with those who crochet or knit a lot, my mother-in-law was crocheting from her own pattern in her head. It wasn’t hard to figure out where she was going with the squares that will make up the blanket. Nor was it difficult to discern the same hook size she was using. I practiced until my crocheting looked like hers with the same gauge and all. Then I got to work.

I am not first and foremost a crocheter. The squares are done in the granny square style so they are not overly complicated. However, at the end of the round I am at a loss as to how to join the last round and begin the new round. Her joins are flawless and not noticeable at all. I am pretty sure the end of one round and beginning of the next takes place in a corner but the ways I’ve tried are clearly not like hers.

I’d love to show you a picture of the blanket but the battery in my camera is dead and I still haven’t loaded the photo software into the computer after fixing the hard drive. I’m telling you life has just been crazy.

I have this feeling of dread creeping over me that the great grandchild will be in college before I get this thing figured out. That would be completely unacceptable.

I’m off to scour youtube and see of they have any videos on ending and beginning a crochet round.


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Most of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend was done. Thank the powers of the universe for The Skipper’s two grandchildren. Along with The Skipper’s son and daughter-in-law, the 10 year old and 2 year old grandchildren came for a visit. The Yarn Rascal adores them and they love him. So while the threesome were busy tiring themselves out under the watchful eyes of parents and grandfather I was able to patiently concentrate and complete the tech editing, seam the sample set-in sleeve, finish the hat that goes with the baby cardi and block it. The only thing I didn’t do was sew the buttons on the cardi, but by then I was a bit tired myself. I also didn’t fool around with my new camera, but hopefully I’ll get to testing it out today.

The doctor’s appointment went well. When I receive a thumbs up after a check up from my oncology team of doctors I always feel like a weight has been lifted from me. I wonder if the feeling is similar to what a prisoner on death row feels when a stay of execution is granted? My Radiology Oncologist reminded me that I am not yet 6 months from my last radiation treatment so the extreme tiredness I feel at times is due to the radiation treatments and my pushing my body too far. The itchy feeling in the radiated area is also a by product of treatment and will go away with time.

With all that behind me, I can now turn at least part of my attention to finishing the Mommy and Me Socks I’m working on. The rest of my attention is for a project I was going to keep secret but have decided otherwise. It’s insane really, and I wonder if I should book ahead of time a room, padded preferably, in one of the nicer mental health hospitals in the area. I am planning on designing a Shetland Lace Baby Blanket using Shetland cobweb yarn. (Can’t you see Yarn Rascal with cobweb yarn?)The edging and border designs have been settled. I am now considering center designs.

I have been researching Shetland Lace, the patterns and the knitting. I have also been reading about the way a blanket is constructed, which led to more reading about ways of knitting, specifically casting on and picking up stitches. At the moment, I my research is incomplete and what is vexing me beyond all reason is why the entire library system in the county I live in has no Shetland knitting books. Therefore, I am combing the internet and ordering books that I think will help. The Skipper wondered if it wouldn’t be cheaper just to send me to the Shetland Isles. He didn’t mention a return ticket.

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