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If you love a big cozy shawl then Sprig of Hope shawl is a must knit.

sprig of hope hand knit shawl

The lace pattern is bold enough to be visible and not  get lost amid a yarn with multiple colors in it. I used Madeline Tosh DK with size US 8 (5 mm) circular needles. The colorway is Firewood. I loved the knitting and the lace edging is simple to follow. It is a delightfully cozy shawl and I love wrapping myself up in it on cold nights.

I would like to say that the knitting gods left me alone during this knit but that would not be the truth. When I completely finished the shawl and laid it out for blocking I realized I’d dropped a stockinette stitch. How I managed this is a wonder. It should have been immediately recognizable while I was knitting. But the gods had other plans.

Wanting to impale myself on my knitting needles I ran through the other options I had.  First, my perfectionist self said let the shawl dry then rip it back the full two-thirds to where the mistake was and reknit from there. This thought stayed with me for quite awhile as I stared at the dropped stitch. It turned what was to be a relaxing day into one where my blood pressure pounded at my temples.

Next came the small voice of sanity. Fix the mistake by using a crochet needle to weave the dropped stitch up and then securely sew the free loop to the back of the shawl. It took me all of 15 minutes to do this and the mistake is not visible from the front nor is the sewing obvious in the back. Even better, it is not a weak point in the knitting. I’ve been wearing the shawl often and it is still holding strong.

The next picture has nothing to do with the shawl. It is Yarn Rascal in his holiday bow-tie.

yarn rascal in holiday bow tie

What he is staring at is The Skipper who came in to the room holding a skein of merino yarn that Yarn Rascal hadn’t molested seen yet. It was to be one of his holiday presents. Let’s just say he got that particular present early.

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Another night of destruction for Yarn Rascal. His second Gold Paw award in as many days.


He is truly nocturnal and I am losing the struggle to turn him into a normal dog. The time has come to let go, hope for the best, but be prepared for heaven only knows what, and let him develop as he will.

Last night he trashed my decorative silk flowers. The African Violet ones that I so carefully searched for in store after store because I wanted them to be realistic. We had quite a windstorm last night with heavy thunder and the wind must have knocked them out of their holders (little wicker baskets) and onto the floor where destructo dog found them and…well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty this morning.

On the positive side, his gastrointestinal tract still seems to be functioning normally.

Mom saw the doctor. It wasn’t one of her better days. Too boot, my parents’ car battery died and The Skipper had to go rescue them in the heat and humidity.

On the positive side some very good news. Two of the sweaters I tech edited are now available for sale.

knit baby sweater with stripes raglan shape

knit baby sweater with stripes raglan shape

It can be purchased here. When I knit the pattern I made some modifications as you can see when you compare my alterations with the original below.

Striped Jumper and Beret by Highland Crafters

Striped Jumper and Beret by Highland Crafters

It’s a fun sweater to knit and will be a mainstay in any child’s wardrobe. The pattern is easy to customize. The raglan shaping is classic and looks smart. The funky stripes and simple lace ribbing gives the sweater a playful look while keeping the knitter’s interest. I really loved working on this sweater. The pattern goes quickly. The neckline and hem are folded over and sewn. This is a wonderful feature as it reinforces the sweater at precisely the points where wear is most likely to occur.

When I look at this sweater I hear a child laughing, see it playing, running and jumping and enjoying life. Check it out. Striped Jumper and Beret by Highland Crafters.

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