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I knew it would happen. It was just a matter of when.  And when was yesterday. We have a new unwelcome member at the zoo. Yes, a big racer snake that’s taken to curling up on the flagstones of the patio right outside the sliding doors to the kitchen. Obviously, snakes can’t hear, because if they could then this one would have quickly moved out of my sight when I let go my scream. It’s not that I don’t like snakes, it’s that I have a full blown phobia about them.

Years ago when the Bronx Zoo lost its baby asp snake in its reptile house for three days I lived in fear that I would come across the damn thing even though we are nowhere near the Bronx Zoo.

The unwelcome racer positioned himself right in the middle of the chipmunk crossing. I will completely freak out if I see it eat a chipmunk. The Skipper took a broom out and shooed the snake away. Snakes don’t bother The Skipper. He kept them (wild ones) as pets in his childhood.

Is summer over yet? Can’t we go back to the snow and ice when all snakes are asleep or whatever they do during winter? I’m ready for summer to be gone.

In other news, here is a picture of the first *yarn I *spun. (Words with an asterisk in front of them means that I am using the terms in their loosest sense and in no way resemble what the words mean in reality.)

spinning plying yarn

A ton of things are wrong with the *yarn. Too many to actually name. I’m going wrong somewhere in my drafting. I am not able to get the *yarn down to a thin finger weight. Ideally, I want to make a 3 ply fingering weight yarn. Why 3 ply? Because the third ply in fingering weight yarns make the yarn more round and off-set or neutralize the push and pull of a 2 ply. When I buy fingering weight yarn I always try to get a 3 ply because it makes such a difference in the way the stitches look. Anyway, I am thinking of Googling the nearest yarn stores out of the area and see if any give a class about spinning. I’ll start with destinations an hour away and then move out from there. I figure 2 and a half hours one way is about all I can manage as that would be 5 hours round trip. Here’s hoping I find something closer. Other than that it’s back to studying YouTube videos. Oh, and the little bit of *yarn I did make I made into a ball and put it in Yarn Rascal’s favorite bin, the one he opens every night no matter what. I was so happy when I heard his delighted little squeal when he came across it. He immediately brought it to the bedroom door tail thump, thump, thumping. He was so happy with himself.

The Carbeth sweater is at the point where I am decreasing toward the neck. I am very happy with it but for three things. One, I need more yarn which I ordered today. Two, I need another two sets of circular needles in the 16 inch / 40 cm lengths. Three, the way the underarms are formed is going to cause problems with closing up holes. Delicate surgical sewing will be necessary.

Due to the heat and humidity the air conditioner has been running non-stop. It feels good having a winter sweater in my lap and on my legs to off-set the cold. Now if I can just find a way to keep the snake away from the patio and the chipmunks I could approach something close to relaxation.

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