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My doctor has given me 30 days in which to turn my diabetes around or go on medication. Since sweets and sugar have been cut from my diet since my cancer diagnosis I am not sure how I find myself in a diabetic condition. However, it may be carbohydrate related. I bake my own breads and I do enjoy eating pasta. I eat almost anything Italian because that is my heritage and the way I grew up. I am finding that food is a very cultural thing.

Since I am not going to give up my Italian eating, I figured the next best thing was to try and add a good bit of exercise to my day’s schedule. While I do Tai Chi, it is not aerobic. Yoga is impossible to do with Yarn Rascal. Yesterday I tried to do a Yoga workout and when it came to the plank position Yarn Rascal thought it a great treat to jump on my back. The extra 17 pounds caused me to collapse onto the floor. A full face plant, so to speak, and a biting of my tongue. What my tongue was doing between my teeth in the first place I have no idea. Anyway, Yarn Rascal thought it was great and laid down on my back wagging his tail. I am still lisping as I speak today, though the tongue feels better.

My next line of thought was to find the exercise bike at my mother’s house. Mom and Dad have lived in the same house for over 60 years, which means 60 years of accumulated things in the cellar. But if I remember correctly I stored the bike there only about 20 years ago.  So over to Mom and Dad’s and down into the cellar.

It took archeologists 3,000 years to uncover King Tut’s tomb. I looked at their cellar and thought 3,000 years was a blink of an eye compared to what I was facing. So I’ve started excavating. I’ve discovered many amazing things that I had forgotten that took me back to childhood days. My Barbie and Ken dolls along with Skipper and Madge. All the little doll dresses my grandmother sewed by hand for them. I also realized that excavating is a workout in and of itself.  Along the way I discovered that the back has a lot of muscles that will spasm long after the excavating stops. Who knew that when you breath your back muscles are part of the process?

I think I may be closing in on the exercise bike. I did find the baby grand piano that was down there. So there is hope. Of course the bike is smaller than the piano but hope springs eternal.

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I wish I could tell you all the things that have been happening here but there are just so many.

The sock madness has halted. I am 32 rows short of completing the second sock of the second pair of socks. The unfinished sock is in a prominent place so it sits and stares at me and makes me feel guilty.

I have, what I thought would be an easy shawl on the needles. It’s all garter stitch and short-rows. I am here to tell you it is not as easy as I thought and since I am looking at ripping back to the beginning for the fifth time I can say that it is bordering on masochistic knitting. The problem is not the pattern it’s me, the knitter. Despite using stitch markers in large quantity I am still getting lost on where I am at in the pattern.

I am seriously thinking that the reason for all the trouble is that this is some cosmic karma thing and I am meant to be doing something else other than this shawl. Call it masochistic, but I am even more determined to knit this shawl. Usually when a project gives me this much trouble I put it in the time out bin where it can think about what a pain in the neck it is being. But if I did that then I would need to either A) pick up the sock and finish it, or B) work on the Shetland shawl. I will go to all lengths to not work on the Shetland shawl as that needs precise, fine-tuned concentration which is in short supply here at the moment.

I’ve recently been to the doctor and the news was not so good. I now have diabetes. Since I don’t want to take more medication because not everything plays nicely with my cancer medication I have persuaded him to give me three months to turn the diabetic numbers around.

After learning about diabetes, the only thing that I am doing to contribute to it is being kind of sedentary. He decided I should start a regular exercise routine. Easy for him to say. So my new morning ritual incorporates exercise. Today I tried yoga. I can see that while it is interesting it may not work for me. It seems that whenever I am on the floor in a downward dog pose, Yarn Rascal takes it as a signal to position himself between my body and the floor while licking my face. If I fall while in this position I will crush him to death. Doing yoga with Yarn Rascal is not going to work, I can see that. As long as I am on the floor the dog takes it as play time and cuddle time.

That leaves walking, tai chi, and working in the garden. There may be plenty of work to do in the garden this year. We have no bees in our area. The two apiaries near us have no honey bees. Bees pollinate the plants, especially tomato plants. As of now it looks like we will be hand pollinating all the plants this year. This is not a good turn of events climate-wise.

Well, that’s all the down time I have. I am going to try and excavate the exercise bike from my mother’s basement. Just attempting the extrication should qualify as some heavy duty exercise. It’s all about movement, my friends.

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