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Another Restful 24 Hours

Well the strawberry bandit has been identified. While I built a cover that would safely keep the birds away from the strawberries I neglected to think about the chipmunks. As I was walking up to the barn guess who ran out of the garden, across my path with a big juicy strawberry in its mouth? Yes, one of the resident chipmunks. As I told The Skipper, chipmunks have to eat too.

In the meanwhile, my health insurance company denied the PET scan procedure, but will approve a bone scan followed by a CAT scan. Why do I pay for insurance if when I need it its not available? Also, what is the thinking behind having me ingest radioactive material twice when part of what is damaging my platelets is radiation. Wouldn’t just once be better than twice?

After arguing with the insurance company  I sat down and thought I’d have a few quiet moments of knitting. I hadn’t even found my place on the lace chart when I heard CRACK BOOM and all the electricity went off. It’s been windy and very dry here. I put the knitting down (mistake number one), walked down the hill to the road and saw that a rather large section of a tree had taken down the wires which were sparking and causing small grass fires. The electrical pole with the transformer on it was leaning and about ready to fall. So I called the fire department and the electrical company in that order.

The fire department responded. The electrical company, not so much. There is bad blood between me and the electrical company that goes back years. I am looking at you Consolidated Edison in all your ineptitude. The first thing Con Ed wanted to know is whether I had on hand or could reach an electrician. I told them it was beyond what an electrician could do. It was their pole, their lines, their transformer. Their job to fix it. Two hours later a supervisor from Consolidated Edison shows up. All he is capable of doing is looking at the mess.

I wasn’t planning on having to run the generator, so it took some time for me to dig it out of the garage, set it up and then run around looking for gas. Once I finally got it going, I went into the house to return to my knitting.

No knitting.

The lace chart was there, but the knitting on the circular needles and the ball of yarn were gone. So perfectly gone were they that I started to doubt whether I had really sat down with it in my hands. I checked the Yarn Rascal proof case I would normally keep it in when not knitting on it, but it wasn’t there. In fact, not only was the knitting missing, but Yarn Rascal appeared to be nowhere in sight.

Yes, one and two make three. Yarn Rascal, the lace weight yarn, and the lace knitting were somewhere in the house together alone. I called his name. No response.

I finally found him in the back bedroom with the knitting. The ball of lace weight yarn was nearly completely unwound  and scattered in small tangled messes around the room. The knitting was on the bed. Half was off the needles. Yarn Rascal himself was on the bead preparing to chew on the cord of the circular needle. His tail was happily wagging and he was squiggling all over with joy. Of course this was all my fault for not securing it away.

By the time I finished untangling the yarn and ripping back the lace to the lifeline it was time for bed. The lights had just come on and I was glad to call it day.

At 2 am I wake to the sound of loud fireworks being shot off just down the road. I got up, walked down the road in the pitch dark ready to smack whoever was messing around at this hour. As I was walking, I kept noticing that these “fireworks” were sending out a lot of bright white sparks before exploding. I figured it was a new type of firework. At the end of the road I stopped. The other electrical transformer that sits on the other side of our road was the cause of the fireworks. It was blowing up and in doing so, set the wooden electrical pole on fire.

I called the fire department and for the second time in ten hours I called our beloved electrical company.  I didn’t wait for Con Edison to show up. I left the scene in the capable hands of the fire department.

The road back to the house is all up hill. Half way back and there is the coyote. I have no protection with me. We’ve had a rash of coyote attacks on people and dogs. Honestly, I have to say I was in no mood for anything. He must have sensed that. He knew I was teetering on the side of lunacy, because he moved out of my way with his head down and didn’t bother me. What a smart animal.


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