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A Little Update

I am writing this on the infernal computer, which I named Finn. Naming things is not a good sign for me. It means I am becoming attached to them. Finn is certainly not my kind of computer, so why the growing attachment I am not certain. I say turn on, it says shut down. I say open Word, it says no, no, no.

In between fighting interfacing with Finn I’ve been chasing Hank the Heron. I know Great Blues don’t migrate, but for a spell there he wasn’t showing up. I love animals, but it was nice not to see him. Then his royal featherness reappeared. After much debate with The Skipper and a lot of searching on my part, I opted for two Great Blue Heron statues that I hope will deter Hank. Deep down in my soul, the place where the little voice of reason and truth resides, I believe the bird is too smart to fall for the statutes no matter how life-like they appear. The place Where I purchased the heron statues also sells an assortment of alligator replicas in a variety of sizes and poses. Just what I want to look at, a fake alligator decorating the lawn.

Amid all this, my oncologist gave me until May to drop about 20 pounds. So I am now enrolled in work-out boot camp with my very own drill sergeant. It’s a two hour round trip drive so I can be annoyed for 75 minutes. At first I thought I will either die or get in shape, but it’s not what I eat that is putting on the weight, it’s the cancer medication. So the truth is I can die and still not be in shape. Then why do it? If I live, I need to off-set not only the medication but the negative effects of radiation on my left lung and heart. Aerobics (such a nasty word) will help delay the ongoing radiation damage. I could just weep when I think of how nicely I was slowing down as I approached 60. The doctor claims it isn’t my age slowing me down it’s the medication. I said even Olympic athletes retire.

Despite all this, knitting has occurred. The First Point of Libra Shawl is complete. Picture forth coming, Finn didn’t feel like opening the picture software today. I also completed the hat. Again, picture forth coming. I am almost done with the front of my sweater that I am knitting off the top of my head. Patterns go so much faster when I don’t need to write everything down. Just a few numbers jotted down here and there on random scraps of paper. Of course it does take time to find the pieces of paper with the jottings and time is taken to puzzle over what the hieroglyphs mean, but still it’s faster than writing it all out.

I’ve gained an new appreciation for just sitting quietly and knitting. Nothing moving but my hands and the yarn.


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