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This week is an eclectic mix. From socks that will knock your eyes out, to a pretty fab green coat. I also found embroidery done on knitted items and love the way it looks. Making another debut on the fashion runways are ruffles and not just at the cuffs and neck. Check it out here.


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At An Intersection

I’m approaching an intersection. Tonight the last part of Dad’s blanket will be done (please merciful powers-that-be let this be true), tomorrow I want it blocked. But first, I need to decide where to dry it so it isn’t disturbed by Yarn Rascal. I’m thinking of pinning it to the ceiling, but I just don’t know if I can make it work. The other option, is closing off a room and placing it on the floor to dry. This last option may be the best way provided I buy a padlock for the door. Yarn Rascal is a master at opening doors that are closed to him. He’s a little Houdini in that way.

Once the blanket is knit I am at an intersection of what to pick up and work on next. Yes, I have socks that need knitting, a sweater for me that really needs work done on it if I am to wear it in my lifetime, and various baby sweaters in various stages of design. What I absolutely don’t need is another shawl. Yet look at what caught my eye.

jb travelers Point of Libra Shawl

jb travelers Point of Libra Shawl

Yes, the Point of Libra Shawl as seen on Ravelry. It’s garter stitch and it’s modular. Dad’s blanket was garter stitch and modular. I really don’t need to do the same thing. But look at what I found.

gemstone gradient miss babs yarn yummy 2 ply

That’s gem stone gradient in Miss Babbs 2 ply Yummy yarn.

I think it would look nice with this.


Miss Babbs 2 ply Yummy yarn in oyster.

I am going to give myself another 24 hours before I whip out the credit card.

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Knitting Borders

I am knitting the border of Dad’s blanket and a few things have become apparent to me through the struggle.

First, this is one heavy blanket. Skeins and skeins of bulky weight wool yarn knitted together makes one hefty blanket. Knitting the border while sitting beneath all that weight is challenging. At the end of each row, the entire blanket gets turned and repositioned. I need both arms to lift and readjust the wooly mammoth. Each border has 11 very long rows. Three hours of lifting and wrestling has left my shoulders quite sore. I am thinking rotator cuff injury, but I don’t want to freak myself out. Who knew a lofty bulky weight wool could weigh so much when knitted together?

Second, in sitting beneath all that woolly warmth and knitting away I get quite hot and sweaty. I hate feeling hot and sweaty. Call it a womanly thing, but excessive heat is not me. So between knitting the border rows I go outside and stand in the cool night air. It’s a little like going from the Amazon to a Swiss Alp, and yes I am noticing a sore throat, some sneezing and a cough developing, but we all know we can’t really catch a cold this way…can we? After the fourth time of standing outside, I went downstairs to The Skipper’s shop and brought up a fan. I figured it might help me stay cooler while I worked underneath the woolen goliath. That’s when The Skipper said, “Are you too hot? I turned up the heat because I thought it was too cold in here.” Ah, the male thinking pattern. Suffice it to say, the heat was cut off but it didn’t help much. I still needed my evening air breaks.

Third, Yarn Rascal is trying all his best manipulative behavior to try to appropriate the blanket for himself. The minute the blanket goes on my lap so does he, as if I need more fur and warmth on me. He immediately rolls over on his back, becomes like jelly, and looks up at me with big puppy eyes that say “For me?????” It is hard to carefully remove a dog who has amazingly rid himself of all bones in his body. He oozes one way, then the other and is impossible to pick up. In the meanwhile, I am getting hot and sweaty from the struggle and can’t wait to rip off blanket and dog from my lap and run outside into the cool air.

I figured once I got to the borders the blanket would come together like a dream. I figured wrong. Today I am going to take my head cold medicine and some aspirin for my aching shoulders which I may never be able to use again and knit up the second of four borders. It’s going to be a lovely day.

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Today I am doing something a little different. I am opening up my entire Sunday Images board so you can see what I’ve been hoarding. Each week I will add new pictures to this board and the new items will be at the top of the board.

This week has a sweater for all those who hate sewing in sleeve caps. While the garment has sleeves, the caps are missing. Why didn’t I ever think of that? On the fashion side a small glimpse of Dior 2016. Very small sweaters.

You can find all this fun here.

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It’s that time of year again when the yearning to buy a few sheep, some alpacas and a couple of small horses is upon me. I collect real estate listings of farms near and far that are up for sale and casually leave the good ones on The Skipper’s side of the dining table. This will last until the end of November.

In the past, we have actually gone out to see the places. But because of one downside or the other have chosen to stay put instead. This year is different. Because of my mastectomy and breast cancer I need to be near doctors and facilities that can monitor me every three months. I trust the doctors and facilities I now have and I don’t think moving away from them would make me comfortable.

Still, I wish for the small sheep farm I’ve always wanted, only now fully recognizing that it may forever stay a dream. Unbeknownst to The Skipper, I am looking into the zoning code of our land to see if we can have sheep and how many. I’ve collected a few pictures of the different breeds that will find their way onto his side of the table. A new tactic. I could be content with two sheep and an alpaca.

All this looking at different breeds has led me to wanting to try yarn that is not the standard merino. Yet when I did a search for yarn other than merino, there is very little on the market in the US. I would love to work with wool I have never used before. Corriedale, Columbia, Rambouillet, are just some of the breeds I’ve come across that I’d be interested in trying.

Since their properties are a little different than merino, my research led me to reading about the best way to spin each separately or the best way to combine them with other fibers. Ladies and gentlemen there is a whole world of wool out there beyond merino. While each has it’s own downsides, I still want to experience them.

So once I’ve finished Dad’s blanket–I am almost done knitting the last strip and in the meanwhile have sewn up half the completed strips–I am going to experiment with wool beyond merino. After all, maybe I can’t have the sheep, but I can treat myself to their wool where I find it.

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