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This week, dresses and coats. Some are classics, some push the idea to the edge, some just look fun to wear. Click here to see them all.

ps: last week’s board of free patterns has some new additions to it. I have decided to keep that board current and will be adding to it each week. If you are interested in free knitting and crochet patterns follow the board to get the latest updates.

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The Endless Summer

This summer seems endless.

First it was Sammy the snake, then Hank the heron, now it’s an osprey. I was down at the pond checking out the life that is coming back into it. Baby frogs are hopping all over and about a dozen fish have reappeared and are swimming around. The dragon flies were zipping here and there, pausing on a water plant every now and again. Even the two hummingbirds were visiting the pond flowers. I was very happy.

Next to the pond is a very tall ash tree. Many birds sit in that tree during a day, including bald eagles. The pond and ash tree area is usually maintenance free. The woodchucks, deer, and rabbits crop most every weed that grows in that area. So I was surprised to see this little plant snuggled up against the ash tree. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I got pretty close to it and had to bend over to get even closer to identify it. I never noticed the osprey eating in the ash tree.

I was completely bent over when something wet, slimy and weighty plopped on the back of my head, slid down my cheek, over my neck and landed in full clear eyesight range in front of me. It was a decapitated fish head looking right at me. Trying to expel a full throated scream while bent over and twisting away at the same time does horrible things to the human body unless one is a gymnast and very flexible. The full throated scream came out as a squeak when my right back muscle decided it wouldn’t contort itself into the escape position I wanted. My neck muscle agreed with my back muscle and went rigid too.

Resembling the Hunchback of Notre Dame, I managed to hobble in a crouched position away from the fish head. My back and neck were not letting me stand upright but I managed to turn my neck just enough and swivel my eyes up the tree to see the osprey in all his dining glory. Fish scales, fish skin, bones, all fell from the tree as he discarded what he didn’t want.

In my hunchback position, I stumbled up the hill and into the house. Yarn Rascal thought I was playing some kind of new game. He ran, leapt and squealed with delight all around me as I made my way through the house to the shower. The Skipper said, “What happened to you?” when I passed through the living room. I didn’t say a thing. I merely raised my index finger at him, which means don’t ask silly questions I might just go over the edge.

The truth is, I am longing for snow bound, ice cold winter to appear. The kind of winter weather where only an idiot would be outside. The kind of weather where even all the animals hide. Then I am going to don my snowshoes and take a relaxing, albeit freezing, walk around my yard.

Oh yes, one final thing. I finally wrestled the picture of my dad’s blanket from the circuitry of this infernal computer. I still need to learn how to work the photo software.

17 aug 2015-1

I am still waiting on the rest of the yarn, but that’s alright for the moment. I need to give my neck and back time to rest.

Oh yes, the plant I was looking at? Poison Ivy. Don’t even ask how I know.

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This Sunday I thought I’d select images that were free patterns. Take a peek here. Exquisite, interesting, fun, and inspiring are just some of the words that explain this grouping.

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12 month old schematic

Somehow I forgot to add this size to the rest of the baby size and measurement posts. You can find all the baby sizes under Schematics Baby Sizes on the sidebar to the right.

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Ghost Yarn

The blanket for Dad is on hold while I wait for the yarn to come in. I called the yarn store about the backorder to see if I could get a handle on when it would arrive and then ship. The conversation was odd, as if I were a spy trying to get state secrets. One person told me the yarn was in and suggested I talk with a second person. Person B got all flummoxed when I said that I understood the yarn was in. Immediately she got her back up and asked “Who told you that?” I said the person I just talked with and Miss Officious wanted a name. I didn’t get a name, I said, since I wasn’t planning on being interrogated. All I want is to expedite the shipping, I need the yarn sooner rather than later and it’s already been over a month.

Miss Officious replied that the yarn “wasn’t really in” yet. I truly didn’t want to get all snarky, but how can a tangible object not be “really in”. It’s either in the store or it’s not.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“It’s not really here”, she replied.

“Are we talking about ghost yarn? There in spirit but not in actuality?” At which point I felt that this was going to deteriorate into some kind of ethereal back and forth, which is what happened.

The upshot is I don’t have the yarn. I don’t know if the store knows whether it really has the yarn or not.

I could go searching for a similar color, weight and make up of yarn and substitute that in, but unless I hold it in my hands and look at it side by side the yarn I’ve made 40% of the blanket with, I won’t know if it will work. If it doesn’t work then I need to go through the hassle of returning the yarn and la dee dah dee dah.

All I want is some kind of time frame. I am going to contact the store again, after I tape together the little pieces of half eaten, ripped up paper on which I wrote the number. I bet you can’t figure out who did the ripping and eating. As I’ve said before, Yarn Rascal is nocturnal. There is no way of figuring what he will get into at night. It seems no matter how we batten down the hatches he always finds trouble. Frankly, he’s amazing.

The whole kicker to this yarn snafu that just drives me over the edge is that the yarn is the store’s brand. If it’s your brand, good business practice says you should have the information from the supplier to know when it will or will never be in.

So that’s where I am: yarn-less, with 40% of the blanket done and praying for my father to live long enough to see and use the blanket. My kingdom (which is very small) for this yarn!

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The Monet socks are done.

17 aug 2015-1

I am happy with the way they came out and I loved working with the yarn from Two Grey Dogs. I am eyeing a few of their other colorways that I’ve fallen in love with.

Dad’s blanket is 40% done. I took pictures, but I am not at one with the photo editor in this $#!!@&! new computer. So while it worked for the socks, it’s giving me grief over the blanket picture. I just spent two hours trying everything and still can’t figure it out. I miss my old computer so badly.

Dad’s blanket is now at a standstill which is putting me on edge. The yarn I need to complete it has been on backorder for several weeks now. I’d like to get the completed blanket to him while both my parents are still alive and able to enjoy it. So I feel this time pressure that is making me as short tempered as an angry bee.

Right now I am not engaged with any knitting project, though I do have a second sock to finish to make one pair complete. But I don’t want to work on that. I have shawls I could knit, but I don’t want to work on them either. I want to finish the blanket.

In addition, the cold has returned, though I suspect it never really left. I could go on and complain about the heat, the 80 tomatoes waiting for me to make them into sauce, that I ache all over thanks to the cancer medication and the weather, I also didn’t sleep last night courtesy of a certain little someone with four feet who held a nocturnal party all night. Yarn Rascal broke into the yarn vault, and well…there are a number of skeins that have been deconstructed and separated from their wrappers. As I type this, the little rascal is curled in a ball sleeping soundly in his bed.

As for me, I am going to try an attitude adjustment. I don’t know what that will entail, but I’m going to try anyway.

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Color and texture are the themes this week. You can see the crochet and knitting images that caught my attention this week here. Enjoy.

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Hank the Heron has won. Victory was declared last night after he ate the one single fish and frog left in the pond.

Yes, this is a picture of Hank. An environmental conservationist he is not. .


I am literally exhausted trying to save the pond. He’s won. There is nothing left; a pond with no life in it. I had a perfect little ecosystem going in it before he arrived.

Did I mention that Great Blue Herons are federally protected birds? Not that I was thinking of giving him the Jimmy Hoffa treatment.

There is a woman in Brooklyn in New York City who has a very small pond stocked with rather expensive fish. She has a heron hanging around too and it’s eaten all her fish. A heron in New York City.

The world is filled with heron stories. Unfortunately, these birds do not migrate. Once they set up an area, and Hank has set up his area, they stay.

I am returning to my knitting, now. I feel a need to get a grip on things. And as I knit I am going to try to forget all about Hank and our summer long battle.

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Hi everyone,

I’ve had a few requests for the measurements and sizes for a knit sweater for a 4 year old. A few words about pattern sizes when it comes to children. If you think a baby grows fast, children grow equally as quick. Like babies, they are most likely to grow faster lengthwise than widthwise. Hence, the sweater that is suddenly to short in the arms and overall length. But children also broaden out more quickly than babies. All this growing seems to happen in spurts. So if I am making a sweater for a child I tend to err on the side of a 1/2 inch longer and wider on measurements rather than smaller if I want to get at least two years wear out of it.

That said, below is the schematic for a 4 year old requested by Claudine. The schematic is for a drop shoulder sweater, a shape that will still work at this age. Missing from the schematic is the front neck depth. A good neck depth is about 1.5″ (4) cm. We don’t want close fitting at the neck unless it is a turtleneck.

4 year old schematic

The numbers representing the width of the garment are for half the garment only. To get the total circumference multiply the number by two.

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This week’s knitting and crochet images board is here. Lots of color and ways to work with it in both crochet and knitting. I hope you find some inspiration to experiment with your own creations.

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