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This week’s board is about how knitting is represented in the art of illustration. I hope you enjoy it. The board can be found here.

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Out of Whack

Things are pretty much out of whack here and I haven’t knit for days. I’m like a loose stitch slowly unraveling down the rows. If I don’t get needles and yarn in my hands soon I’m going to feel like a puddle of unraveled yarn looks.

To start with I have a head cold that has decided it wants to be my new best and closest forever friend. I can clear a crowded aisle in a food store with one coughing spell.

Dad is back in the hospital. So I’m taking care of my mother, plus The Skipper and the Yarn Rascal all at the same time. My mother doesn’t shop at the same food store as I do, so I travel between 2 food stores that are quite a distance from each other. Because of the coughing I now wear a medical mask while shopping, which gets a lot of strange looks. The upside is people get out of my way.

When I am in the hospital visiting Dad I wear the medical mask too. Because he has MRSA, I have to put on gloves and a gown to see him along with the mask. It’s kind of a surreal experience like I’m at the CDC or heightened security center where they play with germs and viruses the normal person doesn’t want to know about or get near. Every so often I expect a space alien to pop in to spice things up. Dad doesn’t look sick, but he does look tired.

Every time I get a coughing spell in the hospital the nurses become concerned and say I should see a doctor. I reply I have seen a doctor and this is where it got me. They say I should be on an antibiotic. I point out that MRSA exists because of the over use of antibiotics. The nurses and I stare at each other in a standoff.

The book on the new OS for the new computer finally came in at the library. It’s 2.25″ (5.5) cm thick. I think a dictionary is less thick. I have also located the manuals for both computer and new phone. The amount of reading should cover the rest of my life span. I’ll be in some nursing home and only up to page 1,250. In the meantime they will have moved on with the technology and everything I’m learning will be out of date.

In order to relax, I got the first two seasons of Homeland. I can’t say enough about how the show is not relaxing. It caused me to binge watch the entire first two seasons. Well written, well acted, not relaxing.

If all goes well, Dad may be out of hospital on Sunday. I, however, will still be wearing my medical mask. On the upside I’m ready for season three of Homeland if I can locate a library copy.

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Between the new cell phone and the new computer I am being technically tortured 24 hours and 7 days a week. I dream of a Court of Law, where I can put both phone and computer on trial and exact justice, painful justice. But no such court exists. Therefore, I am little more than their human captive susceptible to each of their individual oddities.

I acquired a copy of the Geneva Convention dealing with war crimes and torture. The copy wasn’t sourced via my computer, but through a friend’s who is a librarian. My relationship with my computer hasn’t progressed far enough to where I can ask it to do something for me and it will do it. I’d say it has a rogue mentality, but then I’m not a psychologist. I put the Geneva Convention information next to the computer. Some people like to start the day with a good stretch, or run. I like to start mine by reading a pertinent article on torture that is germane to the activities of the computer from the previous day. I always end the reading with the suggested punishment: hanging, firing squad, etc…. But nothing seems to daunt it. It knows the rules weren’t written for it.

The cell phone is a critter unto itself. It won’t let me make calls unless it’s to an emergency number. The phone has this fingerprint recognition thing. The first and only time it ever recognized my fingerprint was when I set it up. After 5 attempts at fingerprint recognition, up pops a keyboard on the screen asking for my backup password. I frankly have no idea what I used as a password because I thought the fingerprint thing was a solid deal. After ten minutes searching through papers that I possibly scribbled the password on I found it and got access to my phone to make a call. Of course the conversation was dropped right at the important part. The phone then gave me my heart rate, which it noted was elevated.

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This week’s board is here.

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Slowly I am beginning to repopulate my new computer with the programs and recreate files I need in order to execute my work. This is not an easy go. It’s taking time from knitting and that creative process so that I may not have the number of new items I wanted to have ready for an Autumn and Winter launch. But pushing that aside for the moment, the recent sudden death of my computer has caused me to rethink my relationship with these technical products in my life. It’s raised many questions that need answers.

For instance, I want to know how a computer works even though in the past I have found such investigations extremely boring to the point that they were an effective cure for my insomnia. I am plagued by the question of how can I use and heavily depend upon an instrument which I don’t completely understand? It seems to be a recipe for disaster. It seems the actions of a fool. Obviously trusting an outside source to keep my computer safe was a stunning failure. The truth is relying completely on an outside source borders on idiocy. I need to know in exquisite detail how to keep it safe because I am the one using it. Therefore, I need to now how it operates. So I am in search of information. The bad thing is it will take away knitting time, the good thing is I will learn what I need to learn and at least temporarily cure my insomnia.

On the knitting front, the Monet sock goes well. I am as happy as Yarn Rascal is with a ball of Shetland yarn. I will write up the pattern and offer it for free on Ravelry.

All of The Skipper’s grandchildren and their parents came by Monday for a seafood cookout. The house is just getting back to looking normal, Yarn Rascal is still knocked out, and I have caught a summer cold.

On the wild animal front, we have three new fawns in our deer herd. They are simply darling and fun to watch. My wrens have a second brood as do the blue birds. The gardens are still a good two weeks behind schedule, but that is not under my control.

For now, I am going to stick my head into one of the computer books and read until I can’t take it anymore.

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