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Yarn Rascal swept the Golden Paw category Friday evening by winning two Golden Paws in one 6 hour period.

Friday I had emergency oral surgery. While the end result was successful, the process was difficult and long. I rate anything dental related on the same enthusiasm scale as getting in a bathtub filled with sea snakes. Add the phrase oral surgery and it has the same effect on my central nervous system as the thought of spending an evening in the reptile house at the Bronx Zoo when one of their asps has gone missing. (“Really, it’s just a baby asp with the cutest little deadly face….”)

No sooner did I arrive home then the Novocaine wore off and the second part of fun time began. I can only speak for myself here, but why do they call medicine for pain “painkillers”? I have had “painkillers” that have made me extremely sick and not touched my pain and I have had ones the make me very sleepy and don’t touch the pain. At no time in my life have I had any medication that stopped the pain.

Friday evening’s “painkillers” was the sleepy-didn’t-touch-the-pain kind. After I took the medication I decided to sit down and work on a small section of a Shetland Lace piece I’m playing with. My thinking was if I concentrated on something intricate it might take my mind off the explosions of pain in my mouth. So out came my Shetland yarn in Cobweb weight. The lightest of the light lace yarns. The kind that snags easily and can become a knotted mess if I breathe on it wrong. Right along side the Shetland yarn came Yarn Rascal. Shetland is his most favorite of all yarns. He was besides himself with delight that I took it out of the yarn vault.

I didn’t get deep into the Shetland Lace piece before the medicine hit me. Between the surgery, the pain and now the medicine I felt very tired. Without thinking I laid my wooden needles, the Shetland Cobweb Yarn, and the small piece of knitted lace on the table beside my knitting chair and went upstairs to bed.

It probably wasn’t more than 5 minutes later when Yarn Rascal appeared in the bedroom doorway thumping his tail for all he was worth. When I look back on it now, I can see he was besides himself with happiness and did everything he could to convey that to me. I remember lifting my head off the pillow and mumbling something like “eeeese” meaning please, but I could form the pl sound because it was too painful to do so. I also remember a clicking sound, like wood needles make when knitting. Yarn Rascal has this habit of when he has lost all self control and is doing what he should not be doing, he whines, thumps his tail wildly, and whines again as if to say “please, someone help me.” He was doing that in the doorway. My last thought before sleep over came me was “Oh noooo….”

The Skipper found the disaster. Yarn Rascal had decorated the living room, stairway, and hallway right up to the bedroom door in Cobweb yarn. It was draped everywhere. The Skipper said it looked like something we’d do for Halloween. The wooden needles were just outside the bedroom doorway. They were size 3, one of the sizes I never have enough of. Much to his surprise, The Skipper also found his crossword puzzle pencil that he was searching for. It was Yarn Rascalized, meaning it was covered in teeth marks and looked like something a beaver might leave outside one’s door.

This is all that is left of a full ball of the Cobweb yarn. The chances of me untangling what remains is zero.

shetland yarn rascal

And so Yarn Rascal gets a Gold Paw for his work with the Cobweb yarn and he earns a second Golden Paw for daring to touch and then destroy The Skipper’s Crossword Pencil. The really bad thing about the pencil is Rascal had to climb onto the dining table to get it. Now we have to figure out how he’s doing that.

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