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I’m having a proceed at your own risk kind of day. Everything I touch or do isn’t working out. I know I should stop while my blood pressure is only slightly elevated from annoyance and the headache that is forming over my right eye is still manageable. But heck, I got things I gotta do, which is exactly the wrong attitude for today.

In the top things I will screw up today is a baby sweater I am making for a company. This time it is for a boy and has a large size range: 3 months to 8 years old. Lots of math and figuring, and adjusting. Of course I’ll use a calculator, but with the way things have already gone today, I won’t trust any of the answers it gives me so I will be figuring everything twice. At some point, I can rest assured, the calculator will stop working, mercifully putting a halt to any feeling of productivity I might have accrued.

I need to procure buttons, one for a sweater I already made, 5 for the sweater I am making. I can take comfort that one or all the following will happen during the procurement process: traffic jam where I sit in a motionless car without forward progress for 15 minutes or more; when I cross the street to enter the button store I am run over by a crazy motorist racing to make the beginning of a movie that’s already started; the button store has no buttons in the size I want and the color I want, or the store has buttons in the size and color but not enough to fill what I need; the line at the checkout has more than 20 people in it and there’s only one cashier all the other workers are hiding in the stock room.

If I am not run over by a crazy motorist, food shopping is next. The store is in the exact opposite direction of the button store so it’s a bit of a drive. When I get there it is destined to be a mob scene where I can’t get near most of what I am there to pick up. Little children will be screaming at the exact frequency that will move my headache from manageable to pre-migraine. Feeling hurried to exit the store before the migraine sets in I hurry through aisle after aisle only to stand on the checkout line for 25 minutes. The headache moves to pre-migraine. I escape store, arrive home, unpack the groceries to find most of my food list has been unfulfilled. Schedule return trip to store, ask The Skipper if he minds having a sandwich for dinner.

With the migraine now in full bloom, I zoom over to my home, which I am renting at the moment (this is a whole different can of worms and problems), to see what the Real Estate Woman is talking about concerning pictures in the cobweb and spider haven area under the front porch. The area is accessed only through the garage, is meant to be used only to get to the main pipes coming from the village into the house should there be a need and has never had anything beyond a rake and a shovel stored in it. I can guarantee two things will happen: 1) I will hit my head on the pipe that I always hit my head on when I enter this little area; 2) I will get bit by a spider after blundering into its web. The hit on the head will spread the pain already in my head nice and evenly around my cranium. The spider bite will need tending to and allergy medication.

All in all I’m planning on having a good weekend. I just need to live through today to get there.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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