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Between swatching for two baby sweaters and working on the test knit for the Spring Sweater I’ve had little time to register weather reports. So imagine my surprise at 10 pm last night when my brain selected the following words from the local weather report to highlight: “historic storm”…”starting in 2 hours”… “ending Friday.” When my head jerked up to look at the television in hope that the weather guy was talking about North Dakota the screen had gone to a commercial, and my hands kept knitting. A mistake that I compounded by continuing to knit away while flailing around searching for information on what the guy just said. In the end, it would have been easier to have waited the 2 hours, looked outside and all would become clear. Yes, he meant my area. Instead, I have about 4 rows that need ripping back.

Today it is snowing so hard that visibility is measured in yards, not miles. The Skipper and I are taking turns shoveling, trying to keep a few paths open for Yarn Rascal. We shovel once every two hours, that’s how hard it’s snowing. It’s full blown Nor’easter Blizzard conditions, blowing snow, the complete orchestra is playing in this little number. While I thought about keeping a path to the car viable in case of an emergency, that would mean clearing the car too of snow, and really where the heck do I think I could get to in case of an emergency? We live on back roads. Nary a plow has been seen. You can’t get there from here is a reality. Also you can’t get here from there is true too.

But the best is yet to come. Ice and strong winds. After that, if the temperatures rise enough, heavy rains and strong winds.

So I thought it appropriate at this moment in time to show you the back of the Spring Sweater in it’s “I’m knitted but awaiting adjustments” state.


The adjustments will occur near the top on the garter st lines. When I knitted the back and came to the top area, I realized that the designer had garter st lines going across the sweater effectively ending the lace and balancing the garter st lines at the bottom. Well I panicked. I didn’t want the garter st lines to call attention to any part of my chest and mastectomy. My strong reaction surprised me. It’s a beautifully designed sweater and part of what I like about it are the garter st lines.

I wanted the back in some state of finish so I moved the garter st lines too far up. I need to rip the top of the back and adjust the garter st lines to the ones on the fronts. I haven’t reached the line area on the fronts yet, but when I do, I am going to take a deep breath and put them where the designer has them. I need to take this one step away from my fear and shame about having a mastectomy.

This is why I like knitting. It is life’s problems in microcosm. Until I knit this sweater I never realized that I had stopped wearing all shirts that are my regular size. Since my mastectomy I have been wearing men’s XXL shirts instead of my usual size which is medium to large, depending on the cut of the shirt. Most of The Skippers turtlenecks and long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, tees are hanging in my closet now. My shirts are relegated to the side of the closet that houses things I rarely wear. Don’t get me wrong, I like roomy shirts, but this hiding beneath my clothing has got to stop and it’s going to start with this Spring Sweater.

To all who live on the East Coast. Happy Shoveling.

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