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Things are really moving along here. I am inundated with tomatoes. As usual, they all ripen at once. It means lots of time spent in the kitchen making tomato sauce and putting it up in the freezer for winter eating. This is also when we draw heavily on our onions, garlic, parsley and oregano.

And the zucchini just keep on coming! I’ve put them in salads, paired them with stewed tomatoes, and of course the old time-consuming standby, zucchini bread. Most days the kitchen looks like someone went crazy in it after all the cooking and baking are done. I restore order, then the next day I end up with the same mess. I keep telling myself I will appreciate all the work during the winter months.

The beans are coming in too. But they are easier to deal with and prepare for storage because The Skipper handles all things beans.

In the meantime, I have a shawl to photograph. The November Woods Shawl is going to be a free pattern. The Skipper needs to do the camera work and getting him to do that takes the exact same amount of labor it takes to put the kitchen back in order day after day.

Bath time is on the immediate horizon for the Yarn Rascal. He hates wet. In fact, it almost borders on a phobia with him. It’s full out wrestling and this afternoon is the match date.

In the meanwhile, the animals have been plentiful and visible around here. Here is The Skipper’s photograph of a Red Admiral Butterfly.

red admiral butterfly

The butterflies have been plentiful this year, but no Monarchs. It seems their habitat in Mexico has been destroyed. I miss them.

A word now about knitting or crocheting a baby sweater. The reason why there is usually no armhole shaping, especially on the 3 mos to 9 mos old sizes, is that babies at that age don’t really have shape. The diaper negates any waist a baby might have, so waist shaping is not practical. Also, many babies don’t have well-defined shoulders. A baby’s bones are more pliable than adult bones because the baby’s body needs to move through the confined space of the birth canal in order to be born. Sometimes the result is not well-defined shoulders. Where shaping is needed, however, is the neck.

Look at a baby. It is basically, with the help of diapers, two bowling balls on top of each other with tiny legs and tiny arms. The biggest feature on a baby is its head. The feature most lacking on a 3 mos to 9 mos old is a neck. The neck does not distinguish itself until 10 mos. It is quite distinguishable by 12 mos. Why shaping is needed most around the neck for the 3 to 9 mos old is to prevent constriction around the throat. Keep it loose around the neckline. Cardigans are good because they have a loose neckline. The very top button on a baby cardigan should be 3/4″ (2) cm from the top edge of the sweater. Sweaters with V-necks, boat necks, sweetheart necklines, keyhole necklines, square necklines, any neckline that doesn’t constrict the throat area is good.

Friday I’ll ask why designers put collars on sweaters for 3 mos to 9 mos olds and why designs that go from 3 mos up to 24 mos usually don’t work.

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